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Various WordPress Hosting Platforms for your Website – The WordPress hosting Services and their Functions

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Let’s take on a little information guide on the various WordPress hosting platforms for your websites in all parts of the country across the world. If you are looking for a way to enrich your site with a perfect design and features that will always make your viewers or visitors so happy to always like to visit your site, then you need to get a good web hosting platform.

Do you know that there are many hosting services or platforms out there? Do you know that their features differs? Setting up a site requires a good web host services that will make the site more unique and wonderfully presented as well.

Furthermore, there are a lot of things you will need to consider before making up your mind on the hosting service.

Yes, the more you update and put more post and the more your site gets more engaged with the viewers out there then you should know that your site needs more balance or health stability to carry on.

One of the important thing you should always have at the back of your mind is getting a host platform that will be compatible with your WordPress.

Therefore, this post will only be a guide to you informing you a little on the various web hosting platforms out there.

Characteristics of WordPress Hosting Platform

I just want the user to note this because any web hosting platform you want have to carry all the qualities below and even more.

They will help you in your site development, navigation process and site maintenance structure to keep you going. The web host must:

  • A very tight security to secure site against virus or malware and other spams as well.
  • An all time or available customer support service.
  • Speed for the site.
  • More space for other sites to build up within the host.
  • Good server location
  • An SSL which helps to secure your contents on the sites.
  • The host should be able to accommodate many visitors at a time without a break down of the site.

WordPress Step Service

As a blogger, I know most of us already know what WordPress is all about and what setting up the WordPress entails as well.

If you are already here and you are new into the blogging business then you should read carefully to understand more why you should select a good host for your WordPress site.

There are various settings as well for the WordPress like the themes, plugins etc. which will also require more update as time goes on.

Therefore, just like you may know, host your website will cost you but not too much. It is affordable and very good for your site.

However, you must have to settle with a good and effective website host that will serve all your needs and request.

There are two best categories of the thousands of host platforms out there, let me give a brief rundown on them as well. The other categories are free, Vps, and dedicate webhosting.

The first is the shared webhost and the second comes in as managed webhost. Most bloggers make use of the shared webhost.

Furthermore, the shared webhost is not expensive and covers the feature of partnering the resources with other sites while the managed webhost is the the controller of its resources being handled by their host.

Let’s hit the road by moving straight to the different or Various WordPress Hosting Platforms.

Various WordPress Hosting Platforms for your Website and their Functions

Alright, please the details below is not listed in best order, however they are one of the best hosting platforms for that your website. (Various WordPress Hosting Platforms)


If you are a new blogger in the business, you might be wondering how the host gator works or what they have to offer.

However, if you are already on in the blogging world, the I guess you mist have heard a lot about the HostGator web hosting.

The HostGator web platform offers various domains with a very good features like a good support channel, feedback, and WordPress solving problems.

Therefore, using a HostGator web hosting offers your site more speed and fast loading process. They help a lot in site fast loading pages.

The official website to get these hosting platform is they also offer a good mobile view and back up information as well.

More of their features include: a good chatting platform system for users, email notifications about site issues, more updates.

Therefore the HostGator setting up packages and installation are easy and simple. They are one of the popular web-host platform for users far and wide.

Furthermore, the HostGator web-host offers a free site migration and secures the site by detecting more virus attack issues.

There is a mode of renewal after the subscription period is expired, but do not worry because is not too expensive.

Finally, subscription packages for starters is $7.95 for 12 months and $2.75 for 36 months of active participation.


This is another good and nice web-host platform that offers the users a lot of packages that suits their taste. It falls among the share web hosting platform.

The Bluehost web host offers a sharp easy click download for the WordPress and it is cheap as well just like the HostGator.

They offer more speed for the site loading, helps detect the malware issues and also provide good mobile interface.

The WordPress site at earlier times acknowledge the Bluehost as one of the best web hosting platform for users.

The official website for this web-hosting platform is

In addition to that, they have a good live chat platform where users can narrate any issue for change or enhancement.

Amazingly, users get to enjoy a free SSL and a free domain for a one year active service before subscription packages start.

However, they do not offer the feature of free site migration unlike HostGator. Customer support is always available like the HostGator.

Finally, their cost packages is $2.75 per month and $7.99 when it is time for renewal. They also have a “money back guarantee”


This is one of the managed web hosting categories, which I think new bloggers or beginners should not try for now. Their features are more superb than HostGator, blue host etc.

They offers an all time customer services and the WordPress installation is very fast and easy to set up as well.

They have a fast loading process, also you should know that they are mostly used for high traffic websites.

The security level is at its top notch here, most malware and spam messages are detected and flushed out. The start up plan for these package is $22.50 for the starter.

This is to say that all your updates on your site plugins, backups etc. are easily taking care of by the wp engine web-host.

They are simply amazing with the features they offer to users but they do not share a cheap price profile like some other sites.


This is another web hosting platform that offers the users a good support live chat, and more information updates on WordPress for users to read.

They also allow the user to choose its server location after registration process. They also makes the website to load more faster.

In addition to that, they have a free site migration and allows WordPress installation very easily. They are also cheap.


This is one of the old web hosting platforms and they also have so many domains as well. They offer fast website loading.

Also, a free site transfer, website installation an option for a change of server to the location where you have most of your visitors.

Finally, they offer free email, a very good customer services available for the users.


This is a good web host platform but with limited options, however it depends on you the user and if you have the choice of using it.

What features do dream-host offer? The dreamhost web hosting platform do not offer an all time or 24 hours customer services. The service line to its users ranges from a certain time.

They are simple to use, they also do not offer a free site transfer. On a different location they can’t be functional, performs so well in USA, no option to choose.

What you should Do;

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