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University Entrance Scholarship at Concordia University in Canada 2022

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University Entrance Scholarship at Concordia University in Canada 2022. This is your opportunity to get free scholarship online. It’s now available for you to Apply for the application form. For you to study Abroad like Canada, UK and other overseas country.

University Entrance Scholarship(s)

However, for you to be eligible to apply for this scholarship. You must follow our guidelines and rule to apply for the University Entrance Scholarship at Concordia University in Canada 2022. Try to apply before the deadline.

  • Application Deadline: April 1, 2022
  • Course Level: undergraduate degree program.
  • Study Subject: All Subject
  • Award: The University present a minimum award average of 75%.
  • Department: NA
  • Nationality: International student
  • The award can be taken in the Canada
  • Language: English
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Award: Unknown

University Entrance Scholarship Description

The Concordia University of Edmonton offers a multitude of services to support your academic and personal success. Most services are conveniently located in the Student Success Centre, providing a one-stop shop for everything from residence, counselling, services for students with disabilities, and career services.

We believe you deserve a reward! The University Entrance Scholarship program provides guarantee renewable scholarships. to high school students who present a minimum award average of 75%. Scholarships vary in value according to the applicant’s award average.

Award  Average

  1. 95% or higher
  2. 90% – 94.9%
  3. 85% – 89.9%
  4. 80% – 84.9%
  5. 75% – 79.9%

Sponsorship Worth

  1. $5,000
  2. $3,750
  3. $2,000
  4. $1,500
  5. $1,000

Worth Over 4 years

  1. $20,000
  2. $15,000
  3. $8,000
  4. $6,000
  5. $4,000


For a particular student to become eligible for University Entrance Scholarships. The applicants must be:

  1. Entering their first-year of post-secondary study directly from high school.
  2. Concordia will also consider applicants who have.
  3. Taken time off between high school and post-secondary studies.
  4. Attended a non-accredited program at a post-secondary institution and earned 9 or less transfer credits.
  5. Applicants who enrolled in a post-secondary institution after the completion of high school are not eligible.
  6. Completed university-level credits while in high school.
  7. Enrolled in a degree program in Arts, Management or Science.
  8. Registered in a minimum of 80% of a full course load (12 credits) in each semester.
  9. Recipients whose registration drops below the required 80% minimum will immediately forfeit their scholarship.

How to Apply

here is no separate application required.  Concordia identifies eligible students through the admission process. Choosing from those who submit their admission Application Forms and final (interim) high school transcripts before April 1st.  Eligible scholarship recipients are sent a preliminary scholarship offer notification letter.

University Entrance Scholarship Levels
95% or higher $5,000 $20,000
90% – 94.9% $3,750 $15,000
85% – 89.9% $2,000 $8,000
80% – 84.9% $1,500 $6,000

Note: For you to see more information about the scholarship you must follow the Official Website now.

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