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TrustFund Pensions Service – How To Become A Pensioner

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TrustFund Pensions limited is an organization that is licensed by the national pension commission, as the pension fund administrator pursuant to the pension reform, Act for 2004. the main business of the organization is for the administration and management of a retirement savings I.E pension fund.


You have understood the organization is not just for administration and the management of pension funds. the main concern of the company is to improve the net worth of the clients. giving the clients the opportunity to sustain a quality lifestyle after the time of their retirement.   You may also like Guide to study and work in Canada 

The organization is out to deliver world-class innovative quality pension management services using technology and channels with learned professionals who are bringing the update to the clients.
trust fund pension is a company incorporated in Nigeria, The regulatory body of the company is pension fund administrator in accordance with the provision of the pension reform Act 2004. and one, of the main aims of the company, is to protect people from poverty and provide financial security at the time of retirement.

The mission  of the  organization

  • To make sure that all the workers who are enrolled in the company have a better life upon their retirement.
  • Enlighten  at the same time  plan for the future of the workers

The vision of the organization

Be one of the leaders in terms of market share

To one of the market makers in terms of setting the benchmark on best practices for the fund’s managements and customers service.

The organization principle center on the four-point which define the value of the organization which is a conservative, dependable, commercially oriented pension for service.

the company has made a promise of good returns without taking unnecessary high risk, at the same time commercially oriented for business and with the main aim of satisfying the customers in holistic.


Trustfund operates a branded Retirement Savings Account (RSA)  for all the people who registered under the company i.e. the contributing employee, in which statutory contributions and attributable investment income are lodged.

You will have access to the companies services through the internet and mobile phones.

The company administrative Fee charged for the Trustfund RSA fund is as follow:


Name of PFC appointed for the Trustfund RSA fund:

Zenith Pensions Custodian Limited
22-Akin Adesola Street,
Victoria Island,
Tel: (01) – 2782900-30

Some of the key features and services available to  the holder of the product  are :

online real-time verification of account status i.e. confirms of current contribution balance and investment, income that is forwarded to the preferred mailing address.

It is still possible that you get an alert on your mobile phone at each transaction performed instantly. checkout also steps  to get a job in Canada

How to open a Trustfund pension  account

To open an account with the company is very easy, take the following steps to open an account:

 The first step

You are to download the Trustfund pension RSA form  on  this link 

You are to fill and complete the form and forward it to any of the companies offices or Agents located nationwide.

        The second step

This level is the activation level.  after you have completed the form filling,  You will be given a unique PenCom personal identification number ( PIN). You  will  get this through SMS

Step three

This is the time to notify your Employer.  you have to notify your employers that you have signed on to the services and give them the required information (your PFA’s name, i.e. Trustfund Pensions Limited; RSA PIN).

Guidelines for the Publication of rates of return on RSA funds by the pension fund administration.

The guideline is to regulate the publication of rates of return on RSA Funds by PFAs. Including the standards and requirements.

The guideline contains two parts  significant of the rate and on the return funds


1   You have to see the rate of r turn of the RSA first it serves as the information tool to the RSA holder showing the performance of the fund.

making the RSA public is to let the public see the accomplishment of PFA. And it helps to attract a potential RSA holder to PFA.

2  the information should contain a balanced view.  The balance requires that the PFA should focus on its success only.  but on  the other factors to improve the company  and its clients

3.    you have to also understand that the way in which the information is arranged,  and the key element of information also have a significant impact.

 The guideline

1  you are to observe the following guidelines as they are applied before any PFA can publish the rate of return on its RSA fund.

2  The fund must have been at least 12 months in operation that is in line with section 6.1 of the regulation of the Valuation of the pension fund.

3  The financial statement and valuation report of the fund must have been audited by an independent firm of a charted accountant.

4  The financial statement  In 3.3 above shall have disclosure of the net asset value per unit of the fund.

5 The audit report of the fund must be approved by the commission.

Benefits of Trustfund pension

Here is the list of what your need to know:

Increased savings through payroll deductions:

The contribution paid into a group pension plan is directly withheld from the employees’ pay so making it much easier for the employee to save money.

the fact is that a person will put more money aside when they don’t have to transfer manually an amount from their account to a retirement savings plan.

Immediate tax saving:

The pension has made it possible for the employees don’t have to wait until their income tax return is filed at the beginning of the following year to recover a tax overpayment.

Saving taxes with each contribution paid into the plan will contribute to higher returns over time.

Investment solutions for everyone:

If you don’t have the ability to save a group saving is the best plan for you . group plans offer various approaches for meeting your retirement objectives.

Several tools and services are also available to guide you in the selection of investments.

Immediate tax saving

The contributions withheld directly from employees’ pay are made in pre-tax naira.

Therefore, employees don’t have to wait until their income tax return is filed at the beginning of the following year to recover a tax overpayment.  you may also like to check out life insurance in the USA 

Saving taxes with each contribution paid into the plan will contribute to higher returns over time.

Maintain productivity:

A pension plan is a promise of better financial health for employees during retirement.

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