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Tips to Overcome Drug Addiction – Get Rid of Addiction

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Tips to Overcome Drug Addiction – It is alarming the way the teenage of this days are addicted to drug. Also survey has shown that 85% of the youths are engaged on drugs to carry out some activates in our community.

Tips to Overcome Drug Addiction in a blink of an Eye

Report has it that 95% of Nigerian musician are always on drug, just to have some performance on the stage. Simple tips to overcome drug addiction, gradually tells you the ways to naturally time help us get over drug addiction.

Sometime, getting a test of it leads to the addiction. The saying that prevention is better than cure is much real.

List of Tips to Overcome Drug Addiction

  • Keep your life well balanced
  • Remember the risk factor of addiction
  • Deal with peer pressure
  • Seek help for mental illness
  • Go for massage therapy
  • Motivate yourself
  • Good or Better Relationship

Most of the youths are not just into it because they like it, but because It help them get over some things they cannot get over when they are not on drug. Below we are going to give you common tips to overcome drug addiction.

Keep your life well balanced

Most of the reason’s people get drug addicted  is that they feel that something on their body is not normal. Sometimes  depression can be one of them.

To overcome the addiction in this scenario, you have to hold yourself in high esteem. Understanding that you are special in your own way will help you to overcome the depression which causes the addiction.

Also understanding that nothing in this world is perfect will let you accept you self the way you are.

Remember the risk factor of addiction

One of the way to overcome drug abuse is to always remember the risk that are associated with it. Having a sign around you everywhere you go.

This helps remember to you the biological, physical, Environmental, and psychological effect it has on your body. Always remember that drug is associated with warnings.

Deal with peer pressure

One of the reasons the teens use drug is to prove to their friends that they belong, or that they do can what others are doing.

Without being left behind you have to define who your friend is. You have to redefine yourself, by understanding that you must not do what others are doing.

Having this understanding means you have define yourself as someone who is unique in his own special way.

Seek help for mental illness

Most of the time people don’t understand that mental illness and substance addition goes hand –in- hand.

The people that has mental illness may turn to drug addiction as one of the way to ease their pain. Someone with a chronic depression and traumatic stress disorder can easily turn to drug addiction.

Go for massage therapy

Body massage can help in overcoming addiction. You have to understand that massaging the body helps in relaxing the body and mind improve circulation and can energize your life.

It is important to understand that you can massage only the head if you have no time for the whole body. The head is a sensitive and a nerve- rich area of the human body.

Motivate yourself

One of the most effective ways of getting over addiction is to motivate yourself.

It is normal to have a feeling of uncertainty whether you are ready or not. Don’t be ashamed to feel confuse sometime. But the very key is to let go of that very feeling to make your life different. Returning to drug use is common.

To prevent this, avoid returning to people and places or things that leads to your addiction. You have to understand that recovery from addiction requires time, motivation and support.

The first person to help you get over addiction is yourself. So you have believe that you can recover, it is  important.

see also: In Recovery—Steps to Overcoming Addiction | NIDA for Teen Get use to art and music therapy

This medium can be in use to provide emotional release self-expression management, and adjustment to recovery. You have developed the habit of listening to motive music and speeches. Listening to music is one of the easiest ways to solve the addiction.

Good or Better Relationship

A Good or Better Relationship How? … Today, Part of the Problems we face in life are as a result of bad peer Group. Then I ask you again; Which Kind of relationship do you Keep? Well, we can still help you more to Change a Bad relationship to a Better One.

Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that all am talking about here is having a very Good Behavior towards your partner and others around you. Note that they are ways friends can influence you and are kinds of friends too. Just check this list;

  1. Friends that come to learn
  2. Friends that come to teach
  3. There are friends that come to destroy
  4. Friends that Come to overshadow you
  5. Friends that come because they are better than you and verse versa

So in this Case, you should know that there are many relationship lessons you should learn to better you stay in your relationship.


From what you read above you understand that there simple and natural ways of overcoming drug addiction. you can recommend your friend this page to view if he or she is undergoing the an addiction.

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