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The University of Leeds Masters Scholarship in UK for All International Students

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If you want to know more about the University of Leeds Masters Scholarship in UK, then this post will offer to you the necessary information you need. I know most international students are ready to take in this opportunity so as to make their academic portfolios worth emulating.

Therefore as you want to advance in your career for a higher level of degree program (master’s), the university of leeds will support you. Read here to apply under

This program is open for scholars to embark on the journey of post graduate studies and perhaps qualify for the scholarship.

Nutshell Details of University of Leeds

Below are the brief details of the university of leeds and clearly you will get what and where the scholarship will be taking place.

  • To be taken at: UK united kingdom
  • Eligible country: African countries
  • Scholarship type: masters
  • Scholarship university: University of Leeds
  • Gender: men and women
  • Value of award: full funded
  • Duration of program: 1 year
  • Number of awards: 1
  • Deadline: 31st October, 2021

Furthermore the university of leeds offers a scholarship for scholars all over the world allowing them study for masters program in the filed of psychology. This is to say that it is solely for masters in the course of psychology.

Leeds Masters Scholarship

To make things more easier and simpler, I will like to dissect the information about Leeds for easy assimilation.

The Leed’s scholarship seems to encourage students from under-represented groups to study a postgraduate qualification.

The scholarship is funded by generous donations of alumni through the University of Leeds Footsteps Fund. However, due to the delay in some courses, we are able to re-open Leeds Masters Scholarship applications for limited period.

The recipients of Leeds Masters Scholarship have access to the University’s Plus Program throughout their studies.

Applicants can use the Leeds Masters Scholarship payments to pay for your fees or maintenance costs, or anything else.

Finally, do not forget that a Masters student you are responsible for making the arrangements to pay your fees yourself.

Applicants Requirement for the University of Leeds Masters Scholarship

  1. Applicants applying for the scholarship can come from any nationality.
  2. The applicant or scholar must be applying for a masters program in the field of psychology.
  3. Candidate should be self funded and not in other scholarship fees.

Benefits: there is a simple benefit for each scholar that was approved for this scholarship. Students will be assisted with 2,000 euros especially for the course expenses. There is no additional expense fees for travel and research cost for scholars. However, applicants will have to take care of their own simple maintenance.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Leeds Masters Scholarship

Below are the eligibility criteria for all scholars: you must met up wit all these to be accepted

  • Firstly, all applicants must apply for the relevant program of study. considering these, you have to include Student ID Number 1 or Application ID Number to be eligible for a Tetley & Lupton Scholarship. Note that applications without a valid ID Number will be rejected.
  • The awards will be given to applicants who can be able to pay their academic fees at the current money rate.
  • Candidates must normally hold a First Degree at undergraduate level equivalent to at least a UK First Class Honors degree.
  • Furthermore, applicants should either have appropriate First Degree certificate or be in their final year of study;
  • Applicants language test will be checked, so applicants must be aware of the English test exam. Applicant should have a valid test result, which should not be more than two years old by your official start date at the University of Leeds.
  • Finally, the scholarship are not open to individuals who have already been awarded a Doctoral degree
  • Scholars or applicants who wants to apply online should check: :

When do I Check for My Scholarship?

If you want to get your results and know whether you qualify for the scholarship, then you should probably follow what I have to tell you.

It is more likely that You won’t hear or get more information until the 2 November 2021 to whether your application has been successful or advice is that you should make sure that you submitted the right documents sand also before the deadline so that your credentials will be easily accessed.

Therefore on closing date they assess all the applications as quickly as possible. So be careful and be prepared as well.

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