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The Nitty-gritty of Water and its Benefits to Human Body | Why You Need to Take more Water Today

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The nitty-gritty of water and its benefits to human body cannot be over emphasized. There are more benefits to what you think you know about water. It remains part of our daily life and helps daily in many activities. In chemistry many referred to it as a universal solvent, water still remains part of our human life inside and outside the body.

The human body cannot do without water, we cannot stay for 5 days without taking in water, these can result to death.

Therefore if you want to survive pretty well, it is very important to hydrate and re-hydrate the body by enough water intake.

Living through Water

Firstly, I know most of us do drink water virtually everyday but how far can you go with water intake to the body.

Some people just take a half glass of water after eating meals, and then set off for any activity. This is not good and not healthy to the body as well.

Water is one of the classes of food and a key nutrient to the human body because every system in the body makes use of water starting from the cells, tissues and organs.

Scientifically and on record basis: water makes about 60% of the body weight of an adult further linking to 31% and 83% in bones and lungs respectively.

There are lots of functions and more necessities of water intake to the body, water acts a waste flusher. Water absolutely regulates the temperature of the body by keeping it normal, water travels as far as to the brain to also help in brain functioning.

It (water) can be released out of the body and more being pumped in too, the body fluids is on constant circulation.

Water is part of that circulation and before water leaves the body, it carries out a beneficial function while leaving the body.

What are those functions while leaving the body:

  • water on leaving the body through urine, flushes and washes out waste products from the body through the urine.
  • Also, water can leave the body through the body pores in form of sweat, on leaving through the sweat it also secrete a waste products.
  • On breathing through the lungs, the body also losses water, I guess you don’t really know that.
  • Through tears.
  • Also, through fecal matter or faces or stool.

Bench Mark for Water Intake

Firstly, looking above, you might think that there is a fixed bench mark or quantity for everybody to take water.

There is no fixed quantity for every day intake. Water intake varies from individual to individual and intake is also not dependent on age.

People should take in water but remember that water losing from the body needs to be replenish. Therefore, water intake is necessary and intake depends on how active and sweaty a person can be.

However, for a proper healthy fluid or water intake according to U.S NATIONAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE: water intake should be 3.7 liters for men (15 cups) and 2.7 liters for women (11 cups).

Therefore, it is always important to take in water everyday for healthy living before and meals. It is also good to take water especially during hot weather, during exercise or physical activity, during fever as well.

In addition to that, an individual that maintains a regular intake of water everyday will have a smooth skin and nails.

Dehydration brings down the water level in the body and as such can be harmful to te body if more water is not taken in.

Scientifically Proved Facts (The Nitty-gritty of Water and its Benefits to Human Body)

Below are some of the facts I want you to know about water, you will be amazed to find out about them.

  • 2 tissues in the body like: fatty tissue and lean tissue, the fatty tissue has more water than the lean tissue.
  • Yes in general, men has more water than females from the above percentage.
  • At the initial stage, babies have more water tan adults at the times of birth because their whole body is made up of more liquids than adult. However, these gradually reduces as they start to grow in a year.
  • Direct water intake or plain water intake is not the only source where the body can get water. The body also source out water through some food components ;like fruits, vegetables and beverages etc
  • Lubricant nature: water acts as a lubricants to the human joints and muscles.
  • Water increases the volume of blood in the human body.
  • The main causative agent for Kidney stones is lack of water.
  • Vomiting excessively is one of the causes of dehydration.

The Nitty-gritty of Water and its Benefits to Human Body

Let me not waste much of your time, below are the various benefits and more importance of water to the body.


The key word to maintain a good body intake is by taking enough water everyday. just like you know the body losses water which cools on the body on evaporation. We maintains a good temperature when that happens. we also needs to maintain such temperature by a good water intake. The body does not need to stay dehydrated. Take enough water after physical activities or exercise.


I laid more emphasis on this as you read the post from the beginning. A good water intake nourishes your body and skin surface. It also makes your hairs look so fresh and prevents wrinkling.


Now, do you ask yourself how you breath in so fast and smooth. What makes your oxygen always available at times you need it.

The blood and water forms the carrier for oxygen movement. The volume of blood is dependent on the water level of the body and the blood carries the oxygen as well, so water is part of that movement for oxygen throughout the body.


Saliva is one of the important pigments we really need in the body. The body secrets such pigment through the help of water. Saliva helps to keep the mouth moist and watery for eating.

The mucus in the nose and tears in eyes are also part of water functions and contributions.


The joints in the human body are very important for movement and the cartilage that supports such movement contains a good amount of water.


The good and proper function of the brain is also one of the functions that water can contribute to the body. They help in brain function by helping in production of hormones. Dehydration can affect the brain function.


Water acts as a medium for passing out waste from the body. It helps to reduce harmful materials inside the body that can have bad effects to the body. They leave the body though: sweat, urine, faces, etc.


This is very important to the body, water intake to the body helps in food digestion and to keep the body temperature normal. It helps to break down food particles smoothly for further absorption.


This is the absorption of the nutrients from food. water helps in nutrients absorption and delivers them to the necessary organ for use. Such nutrients are minerals, vitamins etc.

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