The Best Study App For International Students.

This app has helped many students memories the concepts better. It also made studying much easier. In case you lose my notes, you can scan your notes keep them. I love this app. I recommend this app to all the students that are having a hard time studying Plus this app is free. The Best Study App.

The Best Study App

The Best Study App.

Really helpful, I am preparing for CA continuous revision using this app to help me to remember the concepts forever, I recommend students preparing for exams can use this for continuous revision of things.

Incredible app So easy to use and really helps make studying less time-consuming and boring. Great app students have used this to fill time and set up a quiz on their favorite book which their learning.

I really enjoy the atmosphere, being able to create tests is one of the best options this app has. Really enjoyed this app, the best and easy to use. Now you can use this app for competitive exams to remember factual things.

My only concern is that if the developers can provide at least three subjects offline. It will be better if they make this app with limited ads with three subjects offline.

Best revision tool I’ve found. The option to save your notes to your phone means you always have your notes to revise from no matter where you are.


This app is definitely helping a lot of people and it’s amazing as it’s free. Good App. But One Thing Is That most people Chose English As The Language But Everything Keeps Coming Up In German.

And The Flash Cards I Make Don’t Save. Other Than That It’s A Good App. This app is amazing, one should definitely try this for better learning.

The app is wonderful Very useful and easy to use I would like to edit and crop my images. Just to complete my flashcards more easily.
This is an amazing app. It has a clean and modern interface. It would be great if the developers could add dark mode.
Easy to use and is actually free you don’t need to pay for anything. The only thing you need is to go play store and download the App.

Study smarter app.

For everyone who is stressed it’s going to be alright. Download this app, put your lessons there, and practice. Don’t give up.

Write down what you have to practice until you remember it you can do this no matter Study now, be proud later.  This app is perfect. It has helped a lot of people in their studies. It helps me get organized, I can input all my subjects and documents and flashcards.

All in one place. And it is also available in other applications as well, it has a website, iOs. Everything is perfectly connected.

I only wish there was a timer, not an automatic one, I’m a little forgetful and I let the page on the computer open. But anyway, I’d like to thank the developers, great job.

Study smarter academy.

I Love this app. Tried it myself and experienced it. It helped a lot with my studies. The web app as well as the android app worked perfectly.

Discovering this app was life-changing! There is almost nothing you can’t do with it. The Personal computer hotkeys are pretty handy and the mobile app design is beautiful.

It’s the perfect app/software that has a personal computer version for studying, from taking notes and highlighting text in class to summarizing and making flashcards to review the subject. I highly recommend it.

Yes, My study partner is now available on phones as well. I’ve been using the web application during my past semesters.

The flashcards, the slide sharing, and the community discussion forums have really helped me in improving my grades.

Now, it’s just amazing to know that I can use all these features on my phone and not waste my time waiting for the urban or even during the journey.

study smarter academy Reddit.

So guys what are you waiting for? Just download and install the app to have an amazing study partner. This is the exact app I have been looking for years now. The best free app I have used until now. The interface is very user-friendly. The visuals are also so nice.

This app just has the studying vibe to it. Best one. The free features are a lot more than I expected. Just one thing. Can you please tell me how to use this app on the desktop? That’s the only problem.

Good app but I have some criticism. The fact that there is no way, on the web version of the app, to type super and subscript is impossible to study things like chemistry where I need to type things like H₂CO₃ or OH⁻.

Then there are some bugs with the subcategories. My flashcards often show up under the “main subject” and not at all under the sub-topic I created for it, even though I put it in the subtopic and it shows that it is in the subcategory.

Study smarter monthly mastermind.

Loved it I can also use it on both phones or my laptop which really helps a lot since I review using both. The graphics are also very beautiful which makes reviewing not so boring.

The small goals like, I’ve been studying for 15 mins or so, also keeps me a bit motivated. It would be really nice if it had a section for exercises so the flashcards made could actually become a test with jumbled items, that would be answered with a specific time using a timer.

It’s a big help now that this app is available offline. Congratulation on the new update. I don’t know if it’s just on android but why can’t we edit the summary on our phones.

It can only be edited on a desktop or laptop. It would be wonderful if it can be edited by phone as well. So far so good, but I have changed my language and region and I still get content in German.

Including some of the app functions. I would like, whenever possible to add my university to the list as it is not an option at the moment.

Top 15 study apps for international students.

One of my favorite study apps so far. having all my materials in one place and being able to create theme study spaces and share files and ideas with groupmates is extremely convenient.

And the flashcards creator is my love. though, like one of the other reviewers said, would be better if there was a search option. Meanwhile, this best app you can use.

It’s great to study with. I used it for, I think 15 minutes and had already learned new vocabulary. I can also always have my flashcards at hand without them looking weird in public.

I definitely recommend the app if you want to study vocabulary or something else fast. Meanwhile, I will drop links that you will use and download the apps.  Clicks here to download 

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