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Techniques to Speed Up your Computer Device | Speed Up the Computer to Improve its Performance

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The techniques to speed up your computer device is very simple and easy so you do not need to worry too much about the standby mood of the computer.

Many people do get angry and some might spoil their computer device on this standby mood, this is not too hard. Why spoil your device when the answers are right there beside you.

What do you think if you breakdown the device, it will not repair itself but rather it will spoil the more and cause more damage.

A friend of mine complained about this and how frustrating it is to work with a slow computer. I gave him a couple of advice and then decide to share it with you as well.

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This post gives you some steps or techniques on what to do to get your system back working like normal before. so i will breakdown Techniques to Speed Up your Computer Device as you read more.

However, the computer device is there to perform your task. The faster the computer works, the more productive it will be.

So, for the computer to slow down and behave abnormally, then something must have prompted it. I know many people will say is virus, yes virus can actually do that but it is not only virus that can slow down your computer.

Quick steps to help the computer performance

below are the Techniques to Speed Up your Computer Device briefly before we head to the main features.

  • Remove junk files and free some space.
  • Restart the computer device regularly
  • Remove unwanted browser extension from the windows
  • Run just few programs at a time and remove after use.
  • Make sure to re-install the operative system.
  • Check and remove programs running in the background because it can slow it down
  • Try to optimize the CPU,RAM and Hard drive.
  • Patches of windows security section that can lead to damage.

Overall Techniques to Speed Up your Computer Device

Below are the various techniques you can use to improve the performance level of the phone.

Make sure to stop or remove programs running on the startup-

Programs running on the startup can actually slow down the computer device. You may not know about the hidden apps on the start up running and slowing you down.

Now how do you do this? Yours should right click on the task bar and select task manager or you can do this the best way by clicking on control-shift-escape.

After that you can check your start up tab  and you will see all the items and how they run on the start up.

Then you can decide the one that does not need to perform or start but remember some of the apps are good for the windows like the Microsoft so that you will not stop them.

You can click right click and button disable to the program on the startup. By disabling the program that does not mean you delete them or remove them. It means you stop their action for the moment.

Turn off your device window features-

Now, lets move on to this technique. If you are on the program and features page, then you should check if there are some components you do not like.

Once you are on the page, click Turn window features on or off to make other components to appear.

Again, be careful and do not turn off some important components from the window.

Remove or Uninstall programs you do not like-

From the name, you already know where we are heading to. Some programs might slow down the computer.

Therefore, you need to uninstall the huge programs that consumes more space in the device. If you also have in mind to delete other programs that you do not like then you do so.

You can uninstall program like this: control>panel>programs> programs and features.

Note: There are some programs or components you might not know their work or function. So before you remove any program, check it using this app: PC Decrapifier to help show the good and bad.

Discharge tray programs-

This happens when too many unfinished or left out programs that was not closed before starts to run at the same time the windows run itself.

This will definitely slow down the computer, you know there are too many task its has to take care of and run before completely settling for your main task.

In addition to that, you will notice that items on the tray runs immediately at the computer start up and stay running even as you use the computer.

Discard unwanted files

I know you might have heard much of this but I will throw a little light to it. There are many things we actually like our computer device to do for us.

Many would want to watch movies, play audios and store as many pictures as they really want. This is good but not in excess.

You can actually keep a little of these files and then free up the computer to stay alert and fit. Discard some of those files because it can actually have a negative impact on the device.

I call it freeing up some space, then you can as well go to the recycle bin and do the same. Keep doing this regularly and you see that device working so well.

Know how to control your power options

This is just a little knowledge on how to deal with your power options knowing the one that suits your battery level and power life of the device.

The best option for that, is the when the default is set to BALANCED, this regulates the performance and energy. It also does not drain much of your battery.

However, apart from the variety of options you have their in the power option, you can choose to custom your own plan.

Now, you can do this by following this step: control panel>hardware and sound>power options>create a power plan or customize plan.

Disk cleanup-

I do not to talk more on this subtopic. The system is built in a way that it will be nice to clean up junk files. When the system get Refresh, it comes to life again.

How do you clean up junk files? Do this: control>system and security>administrative tools> select disk clean up

The virus review-

I know many would be thinking why I have not mention this for a while now, this is unbelievable.

Yes, the malware is another thing that can slow the PC down or even cause more serious damage to it.

They can come in different sources like: email links, software downloads, program downloads, even direct links on other sites.

However, this is not a big issue either because if you have an active antivirus app in the system, it can actually do the work.

The antivirus protects the system and other threats as well. Some of the antivirus are: McAfee, Bitdefender.

Hardware upgrade pick-

If you have tried many of the options above and is not working then maybe you should try this as well.

Therefore, try to add up an SSD to the device, it can help it run faster to perform the task you are actually doing.

Finally, add more RAM to the device. Upgrading your device with the RAM shows that the device might be too old or has little memory so you should upgrade by adding more RAM.

In Summary

  1. Uninstall extra antivirus programs.
  2. Close programs in the notification area running with startup.
  3. View Startup items.
  4. Change a program.
  5. Clean up disk errors.
  6. Defragment your hard disk.
  7. Clean your hard disk.
  8. Turn off visual effects.

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