Study In INDIA Admissions Open 2021-22

The planet Comes Together At SHARDA Students from 85+ Countries have experienced Sharda PATHWAY TO GLOBAL SHORT TERM & course of study Semester Exchange Program at Zero tuition fee & Credit Transfer options with 250+ Leading Global Universities.Study In INDIA.

Study In INDIA.

UPTO 50% SCHOLARSHIP Register and avail scholarship altogether Degree Programmes. NO.1 UNIVERSITY IN INDIA with the very best Number of International Students.


The University provides merit-based scholarships, and the continuation of the scholarship is as per the terms and conditions of the University i.e.

Regularity attending, progress, good character, and conduct. to see your eligibility, please complete the 2nd step of the form and fasten your transcripts. Register and avail up to 50% scholarship altogether Degree Programmes. Apply Now

Why Study in India?

India has been and continues to be home to innovation, creativity, and leadership. The strength of India’s education system could also be gauged.

From the very fact that the world’s leading companies are being helmed by-products of the Indian education system like Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google Inc.

Ajaypal Singh Banga President and therefore the CEO, MasterCard, Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia and Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co, etc.

India believes in “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (the world may be a family). A secular nation, tolerant of every other’s beliefs, customs, and values it celebrates Diwali (Hindu Festival of Lights), Eid (Islamic religious festival), and yuletide (birth of Jesus Christ) alongside other festivals with equal fervor.

Internationally Recognised Degrees, Approved by UGC, Govt. of India. A NAAC Accredited University.

Education Excellence Award by ASSOCHAM supported by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.

On-Campus residences facility for college kids with options of AC/Non-AC/ Apartments.

250+ Foreign University Tie-ups under Semester Exchange/Free Tuition Fee Programs to supply global exposure and limitless opportunities to our students.

Sharda University

Sharda University has over the years become one of the leading centers of education, research, and innovation in the Delhi NCR region.

Established through an act of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh (14 of 2009), Sharda University offers over 216 programs plans in various disciplines.

It is a part of the renowned Sharda Group with operations in areas like Education, Healthcare, and IT.

Being the sole global university in India with students from 85+ countries, and academic partnerships with 250+ Universities across the world-USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Russia, Slovenia, et al, the University offers a very international learning environment.

That’s why it says, “The World is Here, Where are You?

Admission Process Complete the Application Form. Issuance of Offer letter after Checking Eligibility Make the payment of the Registration Fee and upload the proof of payment.

Issuance admission Letter & Visa Letter

Program with Specialization

Bachelor’s of Art in Management at Sharda University is meant to coach students to successfully operate in an increasingly complex and demanding business environment.

The program features exciting learning opportunities from highly experienced faculty. Students will gain knowledgeable focus and real-world experience of management while studying this program for 3 Years.

Regular industry interaction through various internship programs, industrial visits, working projects, and interaction with experts from the industry.

Focus on developing management skills of the scholars through aptitude tests, management games, mock interviews, and group discussions.

Faculty from renowned Universities of the USA, UK, Greece, Singapore, Japan, Russia.

The performance of the scholars is evaluated regularly through Assignments, Case-Studies, Project reports, presentations, etc.

B.A. Film & Television Production may be a three-year undergraduate program emphasizing the worth of learning by practical exposure, informed by critical understanding.

The program offers the scholars a chance to accumulate the first-hand experience of making various elements of film and tv production from conceptualizing, producing, writing, shooting to editing.

The program trains students in the production of both fiction and documentary films.

It provides students with an understanding of the history and major movements of Indian and world cinema.

This conducive program also lays specialize in developing student’s skill set that’s demanded of designing, managing, shooting, and editing films of varied genres, for various audiences.

Upon completion, the scholars become experts altogether in the aspects of film and tv production processes including preproduction.

Conceptualizing, developing, and writing scripts production (recording and shooting), and post-production (editing). 3 Years.

A comprehensive study package that has research training, professional development, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Opportunities to run student newspaper and community station – Suno Sharda 90.8 FM. Well-developed computer labs equipped with the newest software and printing facilities.

Lecture rooms are fully equipped with audio-visual facilities and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Opportunities to figure collaboratively and ethically with others and cultivate a shared learning environment.

B.A Mass Communication program at Sharda University is an interdisciplinary foundation course covering all the essential theories and skills necessary to grow as media practitioners and also more versed media consumers.

The curriculum enables students to settle on a career from various stages of media production because it lays great emphasis on the social and cultural impact of varied media forms.

And examines the practices, technologies, and policies that drive modern media communications. 3 Years.

A comprehensive study package that has research training, professional development, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Opportunities to run student newspaper and community station – Suno Sharda 90.8 FM. Well-developed computer labs equipped with the newest software and printing facilities.

Lecture rooms are fully equipped with audio-visual facilities and Wi-Fi connectivity. Opportunities to figure collaboratively and ethically with others and cultivate a shared learning environment.

B.Sc. The agriculture program at Sharda University combines concepts of Biology.

Technology, and Agriculture Science to enhance agricultural productivity. The curriculum includes a balance of theory and practical sessions with hands-on experience within the laboratories.

Upon completion, students of this program can find jobs in both the general public and personal sectors. 4 Years

Students are exposed to commercial farms to interact and tone their confidence, endurance, and managerial skills.

Well-equipped labs with essential field equipment and research facilities for experimentation and independent project work.

Highly experienced faculty from institutes of repute, engaged in consultancy, research, and publication to feature excellent value to academic life.

Focus on inter-personal-based teaching and case studies to develop skills like critical thinking and reflective judgment.

Highly interactive learning environment with opportunities to attach with the leaders of the industry.

Brief Overview of the Programme

The B. Sc. (Hons.) Data Science & Analytics program offers comprehensive instruction within the theory, methods, and applications of knowledge Science, additionally to some important areas of Mathematics, Statistics, and a few basic and applied areas of computing.

This course is meant in a way that on successful completion, the scholars are going to be enabled to pursue higher studies in areas of knowledge Analytics, computing.

Economics, and other allied disciplines, or take up careers as Data Scientist or data analyst in research institutions and scientific organizations, government departments, or industries.

B.Sc. (Hons) in Food Science Nutrition and Technology

Maybe a three-year undergraduate program streamlined with an aim to assist students to know the procedures of food production. And the way these are often improved to supply healthier products.

The coursework focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge of both scientific and technical methodologies which help in understanding the character of raw food materials.

While studying B.Sc. (H) Food Science Nutrition and Technology the scholars attain knowledge exuding the methods of maintaining and regulating hygiene and preservation to form food deserve consumption.

Students are trained to conduct experiments and detect the nutritional proportion of elements. they’re also taught the basics of food intake helping them gain knowledge about diet and fitness.

A well-established ISO 2015 certified Research and Technology Development Centre (RTDC) to stimulate high-end research and analysis skills among students.

Live projects sponsored by DRDO, MSME, DST, INSA, and USAID.

Seminars, workshops, conferences also as special guest lectures are organized to garner the scope for interdisciplinary research in basic sciences.

Separate libraries, well-equipped classrooms, and workshops for hands-on training of the scholars.
All the programs are embedded during a mature and highly sophisticated research culture to make sure the multidimensional growth of the scholars.

Continuous formative assessment is conducted after each semester to map students’ performance.

The Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) program at Sharda University offers a robust foundation of technical knowledge for those students who want to start out their career within the field of data technology.

The program carries out the specified analysis and synthesis of computer systems, information systems, and computer applications.

The program curriculum emphasizes management systems, software engineering, operating systems, computer architecture, web technology, and languages like C, C++, HTML, Java, etc. 3 Years | Semesters – 6

State-of-the-art computer labs.

The newest software is available to facilitate the hands-on experience. Technical & Non-technical development programs to reinforce IT & soft skills.

Augmentation program on APPLE MAC OS LION 100, LION 101 & IOS Application Development program (Application Development for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch).

100% placement assistance in companies of repute for all meritorious students Intensive Mentoring program for interested students.

The graduate Humanities & Social Sciences programs at Sharda University cover a good range of disciplines with differing methodologies.

From the highly chemical analysis of history to politics and therefore the analysis of the fabric culture and thought of past societies.

Study In INDIA Admissions Open 2021-22

The programs challenge the scholars to think critically and incisively about ideas, people, society, and therefore the human condition.

Our dedicated faculty enlightens students with broader perspectives, external fields, and technology competencies.

Additionally, to the present, the school prepares students for a superb career in varied fields including professional study and research.

The programs strive to bring excellence in students through a customized academic environment that cherishes holistic knowledge and inspires critical thinking.

Faculty from renowned universities having cross-disciplinary viewpoints and cutting-edge research experience enlighten students with in-depth knowledge of the themes.

Students develop a holistic approach to education resulting in enhanced knowledge, creativity, and confidence.

Instilling a spirit of inquiry and active learning in approaching questions surrounding humanities and social sciences.

Excellent conditioned workspaces and lecture halls alongside workshops for skill development.

The programs of Humanities and Social Sciences are the place to develop profoundly practical skills which will last a lifetime.

Well-developed computer labs equipped with the newest software for a high-tech learning environment.
The programs connect students with campus-wide resources including supportive academic advising, career counseling, etc.

Opportunity to be a neighborhood of Sharda’s newspaper and community station Suno Sharda 90.8 FM.
Various clubs like Dramatics, Painting, Music, Dance, etc.

To perform recreational activities for rejuvenation and multi-dimensional development of the scholars.
The programs train students in becoming leaders within the fields of politics, historical research, non-profit and governmental service industries, etc.

The B.Sc Nursing programs at Sharda University

Emphasize the event of nursing knowledge and therefore the translation of data into practice. The program promotes the practice of nursing by ensuring that each student acquires the power to analyze. Synthesize, and utilize knowledge gained while learning.

The well-structured curriculum, inspiring projects, and diverse community function as a superb platform for college kids to create their skill set and acquire an exponential understanding of varied significant subjects.

The coursework also focuses on adopting an innovative and evidenced-based practice, reflecting on the appliance of research findings.

The B.Sc program aims to steer during a sort of health-related fields and provides students with opportunities to grow as healthcare professionals. 4 Years

Well-equipped, state-of-the-art labs like Fundamental of Nursing, Community Health Nursing, etc., to facilitate practical learning.

Innovative pedagogy involves the teaching-learning process executed by industry practitioners.

Annual conferences and workshops to teach students on updated Nursing practices and competencies.
Dedicated faculty with attention to the professional growth of the students.

Best placement opportunities in world-class hospitals.

Curriculum streamlined in accordance with international standards providing an understanding of ethics, respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues.

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