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Stress Relief Essential Oils | Oils to Bring Down Anxiety – Stress Free Body and Control

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Every individual needs a stress relief essential oils to help reduce the stress that the body might undergo at a different point in time. Many people still ask themselves why the become weak sometimes, their body might develop muscle stiffness or a stiffness in one of the joints in the body.

The body is like a machine and always at work. When you look at a machine at work, its body parts can breakdown any time but a good care and maintenance keeps the machine fit and ready at any time.

Do you know that these oils can help relax your body and mind thereby reducing stress from your body.

If you have used the oils before then you probably know what I am talking about, if not then you can get more information as you read up this post.

This post will give you some basic tips on the various oils that can really help you to reduce stress always. you need for to take proper care of your body.

More About Stress and Oils

The two common issues here is stress and anxiety and the oils can reduces these two issues for you to fell yourself again.

Yes, sometimes we say the stress and anxiety occurs when we lack more sleep, and perform too much work as well.

The oils have most important function of bringing down stress by relaxation of the muscles and feelings. The nerves and emotions are being controlled during this process.

Essential oils for stress and anxiety can be inhaled into the body through nostril or applied softly on surface of the skin.

In addition to that, some people believes it helps to unwind their mind make their body feel light. Lessen their worries too.

It is pertinent to know that you can dilute essential oils before application so that it will not cause any irritation on the skin.

Some carrier diluting oils to keep essential oils at a normal level are : coconut, jojoba, almond.

Note this About Essential Oils

This is on of the things you ought to know since you have visited this page because it will really improve your awareness on oil aspect.

The essential oils I talk about is for reduction of stress and anxiety in humans. These essential oils are just extract from plants and comes in liquid form.

In addition to that, they are concentrated liquids but have a beneficial effect which is to help reduce stress. The process and practice of using these oils is termed aromatherapy.

Finally these oils solely have effect on the body and also a phonological effect on your brain. Helps calm the brain down.

Benefits (Stress Relief Essential Oils)

Helps to reduce anxiety

Helps in damage hair (re-growth)

Relieve stress and depression

Stress Relief Essential Oils: Various Oils to help You Reduce the Stress Issue

Below are the different essential oils to relief that stress and anxiety.


If you have been using essential oils before then you must know the lavender oil. This is one of the best essential oil that I recommend you to have.

Lavender oil helps completely in relaxation when applied to the body. Studies show that it helps to lower the blood pressure and helps the nervous system as well.

Do you know that this oil works so well when you mix with other oils, it works with a carrier oil forming a good massage oil. Helps to calm down the nerves by control the part of the brain with emotions.


Just like the name goes, the oil is an extract from rose petals and comes along with a nice aroma and sweet smell.

If you are using the rose essential oil then you must know that it helps to calm down the senses, curtails headache, and balance hormones.

The also help in depression and high stress in the heart. The rose essential oil can be use when put in a warm bath or rub directly to skin.


I guess this is a new oil to you? The ylang oil is from Indonesia country. It was gotten from one of the Indonesia trees called cananga tree.

One of the god things about ylang is that it is helps in relaxation, reduces heart rate and promotes comfort. The oil also helps in depression as well.


This is a very wonderful oil that performs a lot of things to the body and I just like it. The bergamot oil was gotten from peel of a citrus in china.

Those who use these oil confirms how good it is because it powers more energy, fights bacteria infection, acts as anti-depressant.

Furthermore, the oils brings more freshness, energy, good blood circulation and comfort.


This is oil from the chamomile leaf. You know how good the chamomile tea can be because of how it relaxes the body.

The chamomile oil helps the body to calm down, works more on reducing anxiety and finally helps to reduce inflammation on the digestive tract.

It is also good when combine with another oil (carrier oil).


The Melissa oil has a great feature and it already exist for a very long time. The oil is know for how good it is in boosting immunity, relaxing the mind and the nervous system built channel.

They also reduces stress and anxiety, when you want to use, you can apply in warm bath or directly onto the skin.


This oil is mostly known and used in Asia, it is a very good oil I must say. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia when used.

They are very good in improving energy levels of the body, have stimulant effect on the brain and improve on the mood change of the body.

If you want to apply these oil, it will be on the wrist or at the neck, or you add few drops on warm bath.


The oil helps in anxiety level by reducing it, it also helps in various ailments. They are made from the citrus called NEROLI.

Studies show that in the olden days, the Egyptian priest use the oil to heal their body, mind and soul and relaxes as well.

Note: The oil reduces or calms down the body and soul, it regulates the metabolic system as well. Apply to skin or add drops inside warm bath water.

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