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Satoshi BTCs: Steps to Participate in HashCard Exchange

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On the HashCard section of the Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs) mining app, you will see AntCard, SatoshiCard, BeetleCard, SpiderCard, FormationCard, RockCard, and WitnessCard.Satoshi BTCs: Steps to Participate in HashCard Exchange

HashCard Exchange

Note that WitnessCard is generated randomly by the BTCs system. SatoshiCard can be activated to appear on your HashCard section by going through the whitepaper, then subsequently the system might generate it for you.

How to make SatoshiCard appear on your HashCard section

Go to your Satoshi BTCs app, and click on WhitePaper at the top right corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see something like a BTC address, continue clicking on the number repeatedly until it shows you that you have won something. Then, go back to your HashCard, refresh it and you will see SatoshiCard.

Steps/How to exchange HashCard on Satoshi BTCs mining:

On the BTCs HashCard section, you will see Initiate or Join attached to each card. Before you initiate any HashCard, we advise that you check well on the BTCs WhatsApp group to see if it has been initiated already, then Join. Because whether you initiate or join, all participants get equal benefits to their My Hash.

But, if you choose to initiate, ensure that you select “5 People/Participants” (which is the maximum) so that the benefits will be bigger. And if you initiate any HashCard, stay online actively to refresh it and execute the exchange immediately after it is filled.

If you are joining any already initiated HashCard, ensure that you join with the same card. Do not cheat, please.

Benefits of HashCard exchange on BTCs mining

The exchange of HashCard boosts the BTCs system security, and speed and increases the exchangers (participants) Mining Rate to accumulate more BTCs per BlockHeight. While the rewards show on your MyHash section, the computational results are shown on the Hashrate.

“Hashrate is a measure of the computational power per second used when mining. More simply, it is the speed of mining. Hashrate is measured in units of hash/second, meaning how many calculations per second can be performed. Machines with a high hash power are highly efficient and can process a lot of data in a single second.”

We recommend that every BTCs miner participates in the exchange of HashCard.

HashCard is divided into four types of cards with different levels. They are 5%☜10%☜/50%☜100%

There are seven types of cards with different names. They are divided into :

  • 【BeetleCard☜ AntCard☜SpiderCard】= 5%
  • 【RockCard☜FormationCard】=10%
  • 【WitnessCard】=50%
  • 【Satoshi Card】=100%

The percentage of hash cards of the same kind can initiate each other’s participation, which maximizes their computing power, and brings more MyHash to all miners to increase mining revenue. Whether you initiated or joined, it’s the same/ equal Hash rewards that will be shared with the participants.

The mining of BTCs is accompanied by several rewards of Bitcoin (BTC). Participants should take it seriously, and endeavor to click on the ‘Receive BTCs’ shown on your dashboard, at least twice daily.

The total supply is 2.1 billion and over 320m, out of 512.6m are scheduled for this innovative airdrop method because the actual mining of Crypto is a process of verifying transactions and adding new blocks in the Blockchain which mobile phones can’t perform such a task.

The mobile (app) mining of BTCs (which will end on 12th December 2022) is an innovative airdrop method because mining of Crypto is a process of verifying transactions and adding new blocks in the Blockchain by setting up Nodes to solve computational problems, etc…

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