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Relief Eye Strain Computer Issues | Ways to Reduce Light entering the Eye | Eye Strain Problems

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Relief eye strain computer issues: if you are the type that is always glued to the front of your computer device, phone or other digital screen devices, then I guess the information in this post will help you now or any time in future to avoid problems and damage to your eyes.

The eyes is one of the delicate organs in the human body and we should take care of it just like we always do for other organs. Do you know that most people at early ages starts wearing medicated glasses to avoid eye problems, some could not see very clearly today because they do not want to take care of the eyes they use to work.

Eyes Relief Vision

The world they say is now digital and most devices that were introduced by technology has gotten us this far. More to read below on Relief Eye Strain Computer Issues

However, just like the devices we use gets us connected and informed about things happening around the world. It also has some impediments that it actually causes within us.

There are lots of things we tend to gain or enjoy if our eyes is right there to see. You can’t read if your eyes do not see what you want to read.

The computer performs various task for us and in fact most people cannot stay a day without touching their computer device.

Therefore greater percentage of people across the world make use of the computer especially in the office or at home. The eyes get strained from all day work.

To compose this post and send across for us to see and read is also with the help of the eyes. Sometimes we neglect how important it is.

The eyes gets strained, feel fatigued and dry sometimes because of the too much hours we spend in front of the screen.

Scientific Vision View

I just have little reason to give you on the eye strain issues and defects. There are lots of things I would like for us to learn through this post.

Therefore, studies show that about 50% to 90% of people spend their time in front of the screen (computer, mobile phone TV screens etc).

That does not mean we cannot continue our work or daily routine but consequently to this, we get the eyes strained and deformed if care is not taken.

To get a hold on this we need a good solution to it especially for the young ones growing up by informing them the best thing to do to avoid such issues.

Why do I call this a scientific view? Now let us take a good example using the computer(desktop or laptop).

Most people that sits in front of laptop will notice that there are rays of light emitting in front of the laptop.

Furthermore, the laptop emits blue light rays that tends to scatter in different ways when it enters into the eyes. The eyes now try to focus on the scattered light thereby stressing some muscles inside the eyes. This is why the problem of eye strain occurs, consequently a headache and blurred vision might set in as well.

NOTE: the eye strain can affect both old and young. The common eye defect faced is computer vision syndrome. You already know what the cause is and device as well.

Common Eye Strain Symptoms (Relief Eye Strain Computer Issues)


Various Methods to Relief Eye Strain Computer Issues

If you have read the post up to this extent then you must have learn something new or thinking right now about it.

Below I proceed to the various methods that you can actually start to practice for effective eye vision. Please do note that this post is just to inform you about the eye defects.  Also why you need to observe more about it, you can however, visit your doctor for more issues or complications.


Yes, this is the first thing you must do. Just like I mentioned above, you must see an optician maybe once a year to look at your eyes and tell you further things.

You need a routine check up and you should tell your doctor how often you use the computer device or other screen device.

Also you can get a measurement starting from the computer screen to the point where your eye vision is. That is the length from your eyes to the computer screen.

However, you have to tell the doctor how often you work at home with a PC. The doctor should be aware of all of this and he is the person to give you more advice on what to do.


Here I will like to tell you about the light reflection and how it can affect the eyes. If you are operating your device very close to the window, then it is really not good.

Do you know why? Light rays from outside the window and also rays from your system can both affect the eyes and cause more strain. The eyes will try to comprehend and hence might get disturbed during the process.

I have a friend that makes such mistake but after I spoke with him, he was able to change his siting position.

Make sure that light rays entering the room is not too much, and there is shade lining or curtains to prevent much rays that can affect the eye.


I do not want you to ignore this part as well because it will really your sight vision.

you have to place your computer device in such a way that the light rays emitting form it does not directly enter your eyes.

What do I mean? The screen should be at 5-9 inches below horizontal line of sight. I guess this means something to you right now.


Most devices comes along with the adjustment button or key. You can actually find this in many computer device and phones as well.

Therefore, you can actually adjust the brightness nature of the screen of your device to suit your eyes and the surrounding as well. In most phones, it comes in the name “eye care”.

By clicking on them or using the adjustment key you can easily lower the screen light shade as you perform your task.


I must tell you that the sitting level actually matters so that you do not strain your eyes. Now let’s take a look at this: when you sit on the chair, you sit at a level where you face is higher than the monitor face or screen.

You have to sit at a level in which the laptop is 20-28 inches away from your face, this will help you not to stress the eye too much.


Here you can try to reduce the color temperature of your device screen, remember the screen emits a blue light which scatters as it enters the eyes.

Using a good color temperature for the eyes like red, orange color is very good because of its short wave length.


This is one of the most important key method you should not neglect. As you work all the time the eyes can get tired and stress up but this technique can help out.

Therefore, you must learn to give your eyes more break even as you work not minding if you are done with your work.

Learn to give it little break like some seconds to look at other objects meters away from where you work for 20 seconds, then you move the eyes around as well.


Do you know that the water in your eyes is really important? I know one could ask, do I need to cry or start applying water into my eyes?

No, this is what I mean. You have to keep your eyes moisturize by blinking it at a different point in time.

Some people actually deem their eyes when they are on the face on their computer, this is not blinking. Wen you blink the eyes rotates and water circulates.

Some rooms with air conditioners can dry up such tears quickly making your eyes itching and dry.

We should try to keep it wet sometimes by proper blinking.


A good medicated computer eye glass is highly recommended. You already know the causes and this glass can go a long way to prevent such lights effects to the eyes.

Consult your doctor and get a good eye glass for your work today. A bifocal lens eye glass is actually good.


This is actually good and really important. Most people perform work with their eyes but do not know how to take a good care of it.

Eating a good food with vitamin A is actually good for the eyes. It helps in the eyes vision and also strengthen the muscles in the eye.

So some rich vitamin foods like: egg, yolk, cheese, milk, butter is good for vitamin A.

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