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Promote your Business Career with Pinterest | using Pinterest as a Veritable Tool for Business Promotion

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The ways to promote your business differs but let’s talk about how to promote your business career with Pinterest in this specific guide. There is a good news when you see your business moving higher and realizing more profit as well.

Therefore to step up your business, you need to promote it to reach to a greater number of people who will demand the business more.

One of the questions you must ask yourself is- how do I make this business grow rapidly? How do I make this business rise to a good standard point? What are the techniques I can use to make this business yield more profit? How do I reach out to many people using my business online?

If you have been thing about all this, then is time you consider Pinterest as a tool to increase the awareness of your business.

Pinterest Basics

Yes, to some people pinterest is just a social network for them and to many other business personnel, they can use it for business.

Therefore, Pinterest can do more work than just posting pictures online, rather it can really get you more acquaintance.

In addition to that, Pinterest is just like a search engine and they also allows the connection of friends both far and wide via the platform.

If you have been more into Pinterest you will notice that users come there for more helpful things. Some are there to plan for their vacation, dinners, weddings etc., all these comes in form of Pinterest PINS.

Pinterest has captivating pictures and contents that gets the audience more glued to the platform. They just have many to offer thereby engaging their users to more updates.

So how does it work? Your photos and contents will be online on the Pinterest platform, then users can easily see it online.

Users who follow you can easily pin your photos, see your contents and even re-pin them for more people to see.

Tabular Representation of key Items Associated with Pinterest

Below are just some key facts you should know about Pinterest for fuller understanding about the platform. With these tips, you will know more even before someone tells you about it.

Key items Qualities
PINS It is a Pinterest post which contains the image, contents, videos and link to blog sites.
PINNER A User or Someone or a person tat operates a Pinterest.
BOARDS The Pinterest board is used to organize pins together for a certain topic.
RE-PIN Here, A Pinterest user can decide to pin a post to their board or profile.
SECRET BOARD Remember the user can design and create their account the way they want it. Here the Pinterest user makes a secret board to store some information secret which is meant for them alone.
SAVE ICON This is very good for your audience to quickly save your products which they find more interesting.
PINTEREST LENS This feature allows you the user to be able to find contents that are related to their own pictures online in the Pinterest platform.
PROMOTION PINS They are the pins that are sponsored, pins that companies wants to promote, they appear online with the label incorporated in them.
AUDIENCE INSIGHT This will help you to analyze the rate of audience you have following your business account.

Pinterest Promotional Growth

If you have been reading the post from the beginning you will be excited to know that you can use your Pinterest to market your business.

So why is Pinterest important strategy? Pinterest pins is more or fast spreading more than a tweeter post.

Most brands make use of Pinterest in promoting their business and this they do through their accounts.

However, having a personal Pinterest account is not just enough, you need an official Pinterest business account for growth.

Just for more clarity, on Pinterest users can pin photos or pictures of a particular product, so all you need is a pin toolbar.

Features of the Pin

  • The Pinterest photos and contents comes in form of PINS.
  • Pins can carry the website link for the image.
  • The pin also help audience to locate the products they are looking for very easily.
  • Pins offer more information on the product. They will create more sales of the products ( ‘’87% of pinners buys products on Pinterest”)

Pinterest Popularity

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media network that can use to grow audience and market your business.

Pinterest can be rated more than linkedin, snapchat, tik tok, etc and is most owned by over millions of people across the world.

Furthermore, Pinterest offers a visual search and statistics show that most users of Pinterest is women. so let’s look at steps to Promote your Business Career with Pinterest.

Steps to Promote your Business Career with Pinterest

Below are the various steps to promote Pinterest business, so let’s talk more on them and perhaps try them out today.


One of the reasons you need a Pinterest account is to make the business to grow. So it will be good for you to put up content or PIN on a regular basis.

You can decide to put up 1 PIN each everyday, it can help draw your audience more closer and increase more contacts as well.

So make a good content and put online, you can do this through hootsuite to make your account more active. Use audience insights as well to see how your content reaches out to them.


The pins you publish out there for the audience should be something that they seems to like to much, this will help a lot.

Imagine if the post or pin is no=t just giving out the best of information to them, you can lose more audience.

Your pin needs to be fact engaging and correctly written, the pin should try and have this qualities: post should be well described, have more text, quality images etc.


The goal here for you to reach out to your audience in a way that they will always be eager to follow your account.

To make this happen, you should create a good reason that will make other Pinterest users to always be on your board through tutorials. They should be anxiously waiting for new PINS coming up.

The more active your Pinterest board is, the more followers you tend to get.

PINTEREST ADS (Promote your Business Career with Pinterest)

To get more of your audience, you can use the Pinterest ads to reach your audience. You as also use it to reach to these group of people.

To reach your subscribers, people who likes your pins, those that have almost the same contents with you.


This is very good for marketing your business, many pinners are there to shop and get their products as well. So this is a good opportunity but you must make it easy for them.

So provide a good content and also a good link towards the products so that it will be easy for them to purchase the products.

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