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PMI PMP Certification – Useful Tips and the Importance of Practice Test Questions

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PMI PMP Certification: Project management is a task that almost all companies need at some point in time. This is the reason that there is always a management team involve in the companies, no matter big or small.

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PMI PMP Certification Review

As the competition amongst the companies is increasing day by day, the need to increase the quality of services has also been seen by the companies. Now, the companies only prefer to hire people who have the required knowledge as well as the certifications to prove that knowledge.

One of the certifications that are required for jobs in different companies is PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. PMP is one of the most sought-after certifications that is given to individuals who have the required knowledge and skills.

If you are someone who wants to get PMI PMP certification and is preparing for the exam, this article is for you. We will be discussing the exam, the ways you can prepare for it, and how it will be helpful for your future career.

What Is PMI PMP Certification?

PMI PMP certification is a globally recognized certification that shows to the employers that the credential holders have the required project management knowledge and skills that can lead to the completion of all kinds of projects. The certification is basically for individuals who can become skilled project managers because they have the professional skills to lead any projects and lead to success. PMPcertification is like a seal of trust that can be shown to the employers or the business partners to prove that their projects are in reliable hands.

How to Get PMI PMP Certification?

The process of getting the certification has the following steps:

  1. Submission of the application

The application is submitted on the official website and the candidates will have 90 days to finish their application procedure once they have successfully started it.

  1. Completion of the application review

The candidates can review their application for the next 5 days after they have filled it.

  1. Audit

The candidates are then given 90 days to send their audit material. The material is processed in the next 5-7 days by PMI and an email is sent to the applicant.

  1. Payment

The next process is the payment. Once you have paid your fee, you will be able to select the date for your exam.

  1. Exam

The candidates have to take now a multiple-choice questions exam that can be taken up to 3 times in one year.

  1. Maintenance of credentials

Once you have received your certification, its cycle begins and you have to maintain your credits, or they will expire. You have to earn and report 60 professional development units in the 3-year cycle.

  1. Renewal

The credential will last for three years and you can renew it once you have reported the 60 professional development units of the past three years.

  1. Suspension

If you do not provide your PDUs by the end of the three-year period that has been provide to you, you will be suspended from any renewal or giving the exam again for the next year.

  1. Expiration

Once the period of suspension is over, the credentials will expire and you will have to re-apply for the credits.

The Overview of The PMP Exam

PMP is a multiple-choice questions exam that is designed for the students who have all the knowledge in the project management. This is not an easy exam and hence the candidates should study for it properly. The details of the exam are as follows:

Candidates will be given 200 questions of which 175 are score and the rest 25 does not score. These questions have to be answer in a 4-hour time period. There are no breaks during the exam. Also, the unscore questions are not include in the 4-hour time limit.

The questions asked in the exam come from the following five categories:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
  5. Closing

The fee for the members is $405 and the fee for the nonmembers will be $555.

The candidates will have to have a secondary degree, 7,500 hours of directing and leading projects, and at least 35 hours of project management education. They can also have four years of a college degree, 4500 hours of leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education.

Who Should Apply?

PMI PMP exam is for the candidates who:

  • I want to be able to supervise and be responsible for the projects that are taking place in their companies or work environment.
  • I want to be able to direct and lead cross-functional teams to deliver projects that have fixed budgets, resources, and schedules.
  • Have the appropriate knowledge and experience to pull off a tough project in a suitable time and lead it to success.

PMP Practice test questions: why they are so important?

Practice test questions are vital for any certification as they help the candidate to learn everything about the exam pattern and train how to answer various questions. This helps not only enhance time-management skills but also reduce the nervousness before the actual test. Practice tests are great for those who want to identify the weaknesses and rebuild the study strategy.

To prepare properly for PMP certification, visit the official PMI website and check the updated PMP practice test questions.

Also, the more practice tests you solve, the more experienced and flexible you become. The most important thing about practice test questions is that you need to use only materials from reliable sources. Be careful and do not use outdated and irrelevant questions! Always check the resource before purchasing any material.

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It is important to note that reliable practice questions will come in handy for further certification from any vendor. If you have not one but a few certifications, there is a lot of benefits for you such as significant skill improvement, individual growth, and quick career advancement.

Among other benefits are high salary, fast employment, and the opportunity to work on fascinating projects. So, get certified to get the chance to work in the company of your dreams! Remember that all certification exams require diligent preparation, so don’t forget about quality preparation guides, books, and practice tests.

If you are looking for reliable practice tests, visit

To Sum Up – PMI PMP Certification

If you are an experienced and skilled project manager and are looking for a certification that can prove your skills, PMI PMP is the best for you. You will be able to get more and more work as well as higher-paying jobs with this certification.

Meanwhile, there are a few responsibilities that come when one has this certification, but the candidates who pass the exam will be easily able to fulfill all the conditions.

The candidates will also be able to stand out from the crowd and get select for leading positions in project management by the companies.

The only thing applicants should keep in mind is that this certification exam is not easy and much preparation is require to excel in it.

Hence, you should make sure to keep your preparation top class so that you can solve all kinds of questions that might be asked in the exam.

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