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No Essay be Bold Scholarship | The United States be Bold for all Scholars within the Country

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The no essay be bold scholarship is handled by the platform which give students the opportunity to display their profile and at the end the best among the whole profiles will be selected and an offer of $10,000 given a winnerโ€™s prize.

Just like the name goes, the bold is for the boldest profile and the profile that stands out among others that applied.

Do you know more about the bold scholarship? Well, this is the time to find out more about them and then probably stand a chance to win the scholarship prize.

There are students who have won the scholarship and some aim to be the winner someday, you as a student can join in the race.

The offers these scholarship with the alter-most characteristics. Theses characteristics helps them to know students with the earnest, determine and moving ability in their various educational level.

Therefore, for students to qualify for the scholarship, they must present a detailed profile which they create on the official website.

In addition to that, candidates will be able to drive in their passion and goals towards achieving their career.

NOTE: the winner of the bold scholarship will be offered the grand prize scholarship on November 5, 2020

More Info on No Essay be Bold Scholarship

The information line continues, I will like to share every information I have on this scholarship then you as a student will apply with full knowledge.

Firstly, the comments I receive asking if the scholarship for be bold will be essay written in and out. This is not so, the scholarship just needs the detailed profile of the student and not essay write ups.

Therefore, why take up the bold? The scholarship in one way or the other can serve as a financial support or aid for the students during their study programs in the university.

However, only one winner will emerge at the end of the scholarship campaign. But hey, you still have a chance to apply again next year while still in school.

Be bold is a body that maintains a high level of security and privacy, it is handled by the CEO called Dror Liebenthal. He is also the co founder of these bold scholarship.

Furthermore, the set out standards on the privacy and security of be bold helps in total control of students profile. They offer a transparent and a smooth experience on the students data or profile.

In addition to that, be bold gives the students to opportunity to update their profile and also use it to apply to other scholarships within the bold platform.

Alternate be Bold Scholarship

Be bold offers two extra scholarship out there for students to improve their educational level and performance. This will also be a financial support to there studies as well.

The bold scholarship, is a scholarship in united states and offers more alternative scholarship below:

  • Lever edge better rates (no-essay scholarship)
  • Field level athletic recruiting (no essay scholarship)

Also the be-bold depends on the students characteristics like:

  • Determined skill
  • Earnest in presenting task
  • Moving ahead for the scholarship

The application link:ย

Applying for the scholarship will be quiet easier and simple, just a few minutes and you will be done with it.

However, the students should always try to apply on time for the scholarship as these will help them obtain a good spot.

Finally, I want you to remember that the bold scholarship accepts any educational level, field of study and institution as well.

AWARD TO BE WON: $10,000 prize

SCHOLARSHIP NAME: Be bold scholarship


No. OF ACADEMIC INSTITUTION FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP: available for any institution in the states.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARD LEVEL: Undergraduate students

WINNERS LEVEL: winner receives award on November 5, 2021

I hope the above information will give you in a nutshell what the post is all about, also the other details will explain better.

Selection Criteria for No Essay be Bold Scholarship

Below are the few few selection procedure for students to follow and be aware of as well.

  • Students in the undergraduate level of any institution within U.S are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship offers is just open to citizens and students of the united states.
  • Candidates must follow the official link to apply and also give accurate details about them during registration.
  • Candidates should apply earlier for the be bold scholarship, then candidate should be applying from an accredited institution.

Be Bold Application Process

  • Students should visit the official website for the registration:
  • The language proficiency is English language.
  • Applicants must be a U.S citizens.
  • It is pertinent for students to apply on time because it will give them the more chance to win.
  • The scholarship offers the award to the boldest profile, applicants should work more on the profile.
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