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Nigeria Post-Primary and Undergraduate LNG Scholarship for Nigeria Students

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The Nigeria post-primary and undergraduate LNG scholarship welcomes all Nigerian students to apply for the secondary and undergraduate scholarship program. Students from all over the country are given the opportunity to try their best in securing the scholarship for a higher level of education and advanced studies.

If you are a Nigerian student then you can apply for the scholarship as soon as possible. Also, one of the good thing about these, is that the scholarship does not cover undergraduate students alone but also post-primary (secondary school) students. Application process begins here>>>>

Therefore, if you are a secondary school student, start now and apply to gain this scholarship during your school studies.

Scholarship deadline: 6th November, 2021

Host country: Nigeria

Eligible country: Nigeria citizens

Scholarship grade students: post-primary and undergraduate students.

Nigeria Post-Primary and Undergraduate LNG Scheme

The NLNG scholarship is an annual scholarship that have been in existence for a while now. They have helped the youth development by supporting them through their academic pursuit which can result to a better tomorrow.

The scholarship opportunity for this year (2020/21) session is already open and many students application will be reviewed.

The acronym NLNG stands for: Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited. it is a petroleum body that has so much send in more incentives to improve the academic and competitive performance of students.

The NLNG scholarship program does not end in post primary and university scholarship, it also extends to other scholarships.

Most scholarships it encompasses will be in list below:

Post primary scholarship (NLNG).

Undergraduate scholarship (NLNG).

NLNG Overseas post graduate scholarship.

(IDP) Internally displayed person scholarship.

The above scholarships are fully sponsored to the last session during its program and course of studies for accepted students.

In addition to that, 3 of the above scholarships are on sponsorship in Nigeria while one of them (oversea) is in UK.

NLNG Purpose

Therefore, the NLNG scholarship scheme just like I said before has been for long on existence. It started as far back as 1998 with the purpose of enhancing human development and promoting academic performance in the country.

This program will so much power the students to a great academic performance because of how competitive it can be.

So letโ€™s move further by explain the different areas the scholarship covers and also throw more lights on their abilities.

NOTE: I will discuss all the various areas for NLNG scholarship but I will not do that in a sequential order.

Post-Primary Scholarship (NLNG)

If your kids are in secondary school, then this is the time to apply for the post primary scholarship for them.

The NLNG post primary scholarship powers on students at that basic level of education. The benefactors of this scheme grew up yearly from 28 to 172 from 2012 to 2015 respectively.

Did you see that year after year, many students secure the scholarship for academic greatness. This is part of what you stand to gain, more funds and academic quality.

However, before you will be selected for this scheme, you have to take a compulsory examination which will allow you pass through if you have a good mark.

Post-Primary Requirements (Nigeria Post-Primary and Undergraduate LNG)

Below are the basic requirements for the post primary section:

  • Present you letter of Identification from the local government.
  • The host community of NLNG demands that you must be an indigene of the host community.
  • The primary school result will be checked, especially basic five or six.
  • Be a student of the basic five or six from any recognized school in Nigeria.
  • Academic qualification here is based on merit and so student must not be a child of the NLNG staff.
  • Present a well signed letter from your community signed by the ruler or chairman showing that you are indigene of such community.
  • Letter of attestation should also be presented by candidate from is/her primary school showing the teacher signatory and contact for further verification.

How Students can Apply for the Post-Primary

  • If you do not follow up the instructions, there is a tendency that the application will be disqualified.
  • Selected or shortlisted students are the only ones that will be allowed to take the exams.
  • Please make sure to attach every document to the application as it is above to avoid problems.
  • Another important detail is the contact info spaces, make sure to fill the right ones for further communication and verification.

(IDP) internally Displaced Person Person

Due to the lack of security for some persons in the north-eastern Nigeria where this scholarship is situated to do best. Most areas have been affected.

Also, 10 students each are supposed to be selected from ID camps in this insurgency states: Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

The award was set out to help students in those areas through secondary school studies. However, there are still benefactors of this scheme.

Undergraduate Scholarship (NLNG)

From the above name, you will know that it is for the undergraduate students. The NLNG is offering scholarship to undergraduates during their study programs in the university in Nigeria.

Therefore, students who are very much interested for the scholarship should apply now. The scholarship accepts students at the 100 level in the university.

In addition to that, there are thousands of graduates that have benefited from this scheme across the country.

Benefits: students accepted to take the scholarship can be awarded from 100, 000 to 300, 000 for each academic year.

Undergraduate Requirements (Nigeria Post-Primary and Undergraduate LNG)

  • Have a good mark in the JAMB examination. A very good score will give an edge.
  • Like I said, candidate must be a first year student of any university in the country.
  • The Oโ€™level (WAEC & NECO) examination result must be very good and achieved at one sitting.
  • You cannot be enjoying another scholarship from another organization and still tag along with this. This can be a problem to you.
  • Finally, you must not be a child of any of the NLNG staff is strictly prohibited.

How can Students Apply for this Undergraduate

This can really help you but you must follow up the instructions carefully:

  • Get a jamb result with high marks.
  • Clear passport photograph.
  • WAEC AND NECO of your own with not more than one sitting.
  • Your current university admission letter.
  • University student identification card (ID)
  • Fill all contact spaces required.
  • Make sure to attach all documents as well.

NLNG Overseas Post Graduate Scholarship

This is the overseas section of the NLNG sponsorship. Students are allowed to take up their studies in UK. If this is the one you really want then read the details below.

Benefits: the awardee for this section of scholarship are given $60,000 to $69,000 depending on the student choice of course. You have to merit the scholarship to be on this platform.

Fieldsย of Study in NLNG UK

Engineering, Accountancy

Economics, Geology

Banking, Law

Medicine, Information technology

Management, Environmental studies.

NLNG Overseas Post Graduate Requirements (Nigeria Post-Primary and Undergraduate LNG)

  • The English proficiency exam called IELTS, the score of this exam should be 8.0 and above
  • Students must have finished his/her NYSC program.
  • Make sure that you are not more than 30 years before applying for the scholarship.
  • Candidate should provide their local government letter of identification.
  • Degree result or first degree result must be second class upper and above, (2.1)
  • Candidate should provide letter of approval from employer in any organization of service.
  • Applicant must have a visa.
  • Candidate must not be a child or relative of the NLNG staff.
  • Candidate should have international passport that is valid for the journey.
  • These three university are available for scholarship in UK with NLNG: university of Aberdeen, the university of Manchester, university of Cranefield.

Make sure to follow all instructions in the post to secure your scholarship, remember the scholarship ends on 6th November, 2021.

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