National Youth Democratic Party. Currently Registered as National Youth Democratic Association.

Dear comrades, National Youth Democratic Party. Currently Registered as National Youth Democratic Association. Soon becoming a political party, over the few weeks have been able to obtain some level of positive achievements.National Youth Democratic Association

National Youth Democratic Association.

Firstly we have succeeded in registering the movement as an association. Which is a prerequisite for registration as a political party.

However, we have been able to recruit state leaders all in an acting capacity in over 30 States. And still counting who is saddled with the responsibility of piloting. The affairs of National YDP in their states. Also, read Excellency Engineer Chief David Nweze Umahi

We have been able to set up a program for the Association. Which will be adhered to and guide us on what and when to do what in regards to State, LGA, and at ward level.

Therefore, a program that includes skill acquisition, medical, outreach, agricultural revolution. Community services are to kick start from February 2021. And run for the first six months, February to July.

The National working committee and the legal team of National YDP. Has currently drafted the party constitution. Which will be made public in due time. Meanwhile, currently, it is being reviewed by various merging groups and partners.

  • We Have Been Able To Merge With Many Groups From The YDPN.
  • Website Currently Still Under Design.
  • National YDP Radio Station.
  • National YDP
  • We Have Been Able To Merge With Many Groups From The YDPN.

On various state levels. Nigerian YDP, NNN, New Nigerian YDP, all at the state level. At National YDP we are ready and believe in one Youth voice.
So, we are open to the merger, we also have merger talks with The Transformations team.
And other factions of youth parties hoping we will come together under one umbrella. Whatever, united and stronger to make Nigeria great again.

Website Currently Still Under Design

As a group, we have been able to get our website currently still under design. So, get our mobile app, android version hoping to add the IOS version soonest for iPhone users.

Our party letterhead design, branded T-shirts, face caps. Donors have started coming forward with our first donor. Who has promised to brand over 100 T-shirts for excos and state acting leaders?

National YDP Radio Station

Currently, the need for public awareness has been an outcry by the youth. This birth the NYPD radio matter, currently we are reviewing to set up an online National YDP Radio Station.

And also partnering with state radio stations to air. Our program once or twice weekly centered on good governance. Need for good governance and what the brand National YDP stands for.

However, also the need for daily articles on matters affecting the current Nigerian state. Gave birth to the National YDP Creative Mind group.

They are saddled with the responsibility of creating articles that will be sent to all platforms. Once, twice or thrice daily.

National YDP

National YDP currently has set up its conflict. And resolution committee is saddled with the responsibility of looking at issues relating to aggrieved leaders or members. And bringing peace in areas of conflict.

Lastly, the National YDP is currently drafting its manifesto and still in talks, with other groups. Who are interested in us coming together to form a formidable team.

  • National Secretary
  • National YDP
  • United We Move

The Task Before A Leader

Those who aspire to lead must bear in mind. The fact that they are servants and as such cannot ever be greater than the People, their masters. A good leader must work hard to inspire the people and tend to be a friend to all his People.

He/she should have the right judgment both of people. And of situations and the ability to attract to himself. The right kind of lieutenants who can best further the interests of the People.

The leader must not only say but always demonstrate that the power he exercises is derived from the People.

Therefore, like every other public servant. He is accountable to the People for the use he makes of their mandate. He must get out when the People tell him to get out.

The more power the leader is given by the People. The less is his freedom and the greater his responsibility for the good of the People.

However, he should never allow his high office to separate him from the People. He must be fanatical for the welfare of the masses, not the few cabals and ndi Otimkpu (praise singers) around him.

A leader Must At All Times Stand For Justice In Dealing With The People.

He should be the symbol of justice. Which is the supreme guarantee of good government. He should be ready, if need be, to lay down his life in pursuit of this ideal.

He must have physical and moral courage and must be able to inspire the people out of despondency.

Therefore, he should never strive towards the perpetuation of his office. Or devise means to cling to office beyond the clear mandate of the People. Or encourage his supporters to be wearing clothes bearing his name or face.

He should resist the temptation to erect memorials to himself in his lifetime. To have his head embossed on the coin. Name streets and institutions after himself, or convert government into a family business.

However, a leader who serves his people well will be enshrined in their hearts and minds. This is all the reward he can expect in his lifetime. He will be to the People the symbol of excellence, the quintessence of the new Political Order.

The Nigerian Youths Have Risen To Provide That Leadership.

It is not rocket science. Together we move to automate the business of governance in Nigeria.

The youths, move to put about 200 million Nigerians on a database for an effective plan.

Together, we must provide cheap electricity 24/7. Together, we must build a banking model that will provide cheap funds for all Nigerians.

Party Flag.

  • Unite
  • Peace
  • Progress
  • Our Fallen Heroes.

Core Values

Innovation delivery justice and E-quite. Diversity transparency inclusiveness accountability and integrity. However, quality leadership.

Vision National Youth Democratic Association.

Build a better Nigeria through good governance. Accountability and the protections of life and prosperity.

Mission National Youth Democratic Association.

Reform the legislative or judicial institution. And remap our economy by kick-starting an industrial. Revolution capable of ensuring stability and surplus in all sectors of the economy.

However, industrializing Nigeria and improving its infrastructure through equitable allocation of resources to provide endless job opportunities.

Better health care facilities, social security, and general development across the 36 states federation.

Nigerian Youths Arise And Take Your Place.

It’s a good thing Nigerian youths have woken from slumber. The current movement of the youths is a welcomed development.

Ibrahim Babangida ruled us in 1985 while he was 44 years old, Obasanjo was the head of state in 1976 at the age of 39, Yakubu Gowon was 33 years old in 1966 when he was the head of state.

Even, Mohammadu Buhari’s first tenure was in 1983, when he was 41 years old.

It is hilarious and completely insane that almost 40 years later, the same set of people are still ruling us.

It wouldn’t be too big a problem if they were performing extraordinarily well, but No. They’ve been taking everything that belongs to the country to themselves.

The Country Has Been Stagnant For Too Long.

Currency keeps falling, the economy continues getting worse, insecurity is the order of the day, no job for graduates, no infrastructure, accountability is zero, the rich keep getting richer while the poor get poorer.

All these have got to stop, and it begins with you and me at NYPD. The only way we can do that is to all get our voters cards, and do the needful when the time comes.

Let’s all get our cards and encourage our loved ones to do so. We need every member to get his or her card and encourage others to also do so and join the National YDP.

This is your time, this is your chance. Nothing should stop you if only you are ready. Youths! Rise and take your rightful place.

National Youth Democratic Association (NYDA).

Great Nigeria Youths and National Youth Democratic association. There has never been a time in the history of our dear nation.

Where the youths have the capacity. Unity and intelligence, coupled with technological advancement to make Nigeria better than now.

Nigeria as a country has a youth population of over 130 million. Out of a total population of over 200 million Nigerians.

The youths have a larger percentage (65%) of the total Nigeria population.

More so, NYDA is running with the vision of being the medium. And the avenue through which the voice of the Nigerian Youths and all well-meaning Nigerians will be heard.

Also, We Live In A Technologically Advanced Period Than Those Of Our Predecessors.

With the power of technology at our fingertips. It’s easier to unite, communicate, make our voices heard, change and transform the entire nation. From the palms of our hands, using our gadgets.

In light of this, NYDA will explore every technological avenue for well-meaning. Nigerians to express their voices, and be heard locally and globally.

Therefore, NYDA is calling on all well-meaning Nigerians to join forces together. And contribute their quota to the success of NYDA.

Your expertise as Professionals in your chosen field is needed if you intend to join our movement.

Currently, NYDA needs experts to join our Legal Unit, Project Unit, Media Unit, and ICT unit. There is no time in our lives that our efforts and voice will make much impact on our country, as much as the time we are now.

NYDA is the medium for you to make that Impact. Don’t sit on the fence and watch. Stand up and be a part.

I Always Knew The Youth Of This Nation Would Rise-Up, To Take What Is Rightfully Ours.

I just did not know it would happen, so soon. They always say, “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

But as far as I know, that has not been the case in our nation. Since 1960. Our voices have been far from being heard.

But things are beginning to change. Not just for our good, but the good of our father-land.

For the good of those children running-around our compounds under the hot-sun. Wearing pants, happily using sticks to drive tires.

For The Good Of Those Children Around Us

Who trek to school without shoes. Who believes education is the best legacy. And somehow, still prefer to work hard to pass exams, than to cheat. Who are ready to sacrifice, to become successful.

For the good of that Mama beside your street. Who ties a dirty wrapper, smelling smoke. Frying Akara, for a living. Doing all she can to support her family with the 10 she makes every day.

For the good of that papa in the mechanic shop. Whose uniform is always made-up of a pair of jeans he has been wearing, for 2 years?

A brown T-Shirt that has turned black. And engine oil to design himself, every day. Just to provide food for his family, and have something to send for his aged parents in the village.

For The Good Of That Young Guy.

Whom everybody thinks, he’s a thief. Because the hardship on the streets has made his face hard, and forced him to become aggressively smart, just to survive every day.

For the good of the loved ones and family members, of those of us. Who stood for the positive change of this nation. At the cost of their own lives. On the 20th October 2020.

We are finally awake. For the good of all of us. And in our hands, before our eyes, the prophecy over our nation will happen.

Our nation will become one of the most desirable nations, on earth. Fellow youths, I applaud and celebrate our uprising.

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  1. I apply for the post of deputy national publicity secretary but I not seen any notification on that.
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