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Making Money Through YouTube Channel – Steps and Strategy on How to Make more Revenue Through YouTube

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This is one of the best ways to earn online: making money through YouTube channel. I guess YouTube is no longer a new thing and has had numerous videos showing out there to the world.

Today, many people can actually make and earn more money online through YouTube videos while some are actually there to catch more fun.

YouTube is one of the most effective way in which people make use of that word: work and earn more at the comfort of your home.

There are specific steps before you start earning but hey, you can actually make more more online through your YouTube channel.

Therefore, creating more authentic and nice video will actually pay off as soon as you start having many viewers on your channel.

However, this post will provide guide on how you can use monetize your YouTube channel and use it to make resources. More viewers and more subscribers also counts for this project.

Tips You should know before You Create a Video

The little tips you should be aware of before Making Money Through YouTube Channel

  • Know how to do video editing.
  • Make an original or quality video content not copyright.
  • A voice over and script.
  • Find quality footage or images.
  • Optimize your videos for SEO.

So let’s get down to business. Below are the various steps to earn more through YouTube…

Making Money through YouTube: Various Ways or Steps to Achieve that

I will drop in various steps and try to give you details as well for easy understanding as you read up.

YouTube Partner Member

It will be nice that you become one of the YouTube partners in order to benefit well into the program and earn more.

You can actually earn income even if you are not a YouTube partner, but as a partner you still have other good benefits.

All you need are good content videos and then try to set up an AdSense account where you motor your traffic and get paid.

As a YouTube partner member, you earn this benefits- YouTube premium subscription fees, merchandise shelf, multiple income streams, fan’s direct wallets like super chat and channel membership.

Create a channel

The YouTube channel is part of you and what you do. You are the one that creates and upload videos to your channel.

Yes, some people get shy or feel afraid in front of a camera talking a lot of things about a certain topic or text. This might see awkward to you but that is what YouTube is all about, valid video contents and you have to make such videos to make your viewers happy.

Therefore, you create a lot of videos and upload to your channel, if those videos rank high and with much views, you start making money.

I must tell you again that you make more videos and upload, you may not know the one that will rank best and youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. This shows people tend to reach your video faster online.

Ad Revenue on YouTube

This is the money pot or the bank line to cash out more money from the YouTube video business. The ad revenue is your income at the end of that particular period because of the huge number of views.

Therefore, ads revenue is an effective means of making money through YouTube, you just need to run ads as a partner with your videos.

These are requirements you need before joining the YouTube

  • You must be 18 years and above before joining the YouTube program.
  • You should have over 1000 subscribers with your channel.
  • Your channel should have at least more view hours (4,000) watch hours for 12 months

YouTube affiliate marketing

I know you may think that using ads alone and ads sponsorship will fetch you all the income you need in YouTube.

This is not true, there are other networks or to make money on YouTube and that can be through affiliate marketing.

This is all about promoting other people’s product and getting paid hugely. Now you as a YouTube member must command a lot of followers, subscribers and views to be able to partner with this. Affiliate marketing runs the partnership alone with YouTube members with a lot of fan base.

However, if you have average followers you can still partner with them (companies) but you must have a good effective marketing strategy.

Steps on how to do that:

As a partner with the affiliate company or organization you will need to do this-

  • You should refer your videos with affiliate links
  • Let your comments pin in with affiliate links
  • On video description, leave your affiliate marketing links in them.
  • Finally, you can add YouTube cards showing and pointing towards affiliate links to see more.

Sell and create a course

This is another good way to earn money on YouTube, but how do you do this:

Selling and creating a courses requires more knowledge and understanding of what you have to share and must be of great value to the viewers.

This will make them to buy your course and learn more about you because you say things that improves their lives.

There are various courses you can teach that will attract them: fitness, health, digital marketing, personal development and lifestyle.

  • Put course links on your YouTube videos
  • You can as well use YouTube cards to refer to links in the video.

Sell products with live streams

This is another strategy to make more income on YouTube because you can actually sell products into YouTube live stream platforms.

This strategy works so well in platforms like beauty and fashion. The goal is to sell the product where there are lots of viewers.

So the product can be yours or affiliate marketing product, all you need is to introduce them to the platform to get their attention.

Make sure your video for these is original and entertaining. You get more trust when you put good quality contents and these will make your viewers buy more of your products.

Check this out:

  • Offer good quality products
  • Use limited promo codes
  • Base on promotion technique, offer a quality sample to guide you.
  • Create products for a higher profit.

Merchandise strategy to subscribers

If you have been reading this post from the top, then getting to this sub-topic is simply the easiest for Making Money Through YouTube Channel.

You can actually sell goods and merchandise to subscribers following you up. Just like I said, you make it so well in YouTube when you have a lot of followers and views on your videos.

So many YouTube members do have a lot of subscribers and you can make money by the subscribers you have.

In Summary

How to make money on YouTube;
  1. Become a YouTube Partner and earn money from ads.
  2. Sell products or merchandise.
  3. Crowdfund your next creative project.
  4. Let your audience support your work through “fan funding.”
  5. License your content to the media.
  6. Work with brands as an influencer or affiliate.

You can actually introduce your products to them and explaining more about it, base on trust they will purchase the products.

I hope you have learnt a little about how to make or Making Money Through YouTube Channel through this site, feel free to subscribe.

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