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YouTube Advertising – Learn how to promote and Make Money with videos

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It is very interesting that people come to love videos more than written content and business product displays. Make money with YouTube

 Make money with YouTube!

Well, YouTube is a free platform for you to make your videos and contacts reach billions of internet users free of charge in a blink of an eye.

Moreover, it is free to create and manage an effective YouTube channel. But you need to have an active Google Account or Gmail.

Before we proceed with the requirements to create your own YouTube channel, you will have to take this time with us on the need to have an online presence on YouTube as a YouTuber.

What is an online presence?

Talking about online presence, you should have it in the back of your mind that all you need to do is to be well learned on digital marketing which we have talked about her on the below page

YouTube Advertising Requirements

Meanwhile, you can get all you need to create an effective YouTube channel in the go at your location now.

In this case, the first list of requirements your need a shortlisted and in brief detail below

Devices in use: which kind of device will you like to make use of in creating and uploading your videos? Unique Videos are highly rated by search engines that is why we said earlier that with videos you can grow your business very well online.

Active Google Account: How active is your Google Account “Gmail”? Most people do find it difficult to create an Active Email Address. But to tell you the whole truth; you need to get the active Mobile number for Account for Google Verification.

See this: How to start a Small Business Online or Offline With Little or No Capital

Internet Connection: how strong is your Internet Connection? today; there new range of strong servers like 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, or 5G if available in your Country.

Unique Content: Do you know that if you should have copied Content on your Channel you will be blocked imminently.

Regular Video Update: How often do you wish to be updating your Channel once you keep updating your page you will be likely to be getting more views and likes and more subscribers.

How to Create an Effective YouTube Advertising Account

Having a Nice and Awesome YouTube Advertising Account for your online Digital Marketing classes and other online Presents will be very cool if only you make the real steps and content.

Meanwhile, you can go a Long way to monetize your Channel on the go and start making Cool Cash on the go.

Once you follow these steps you can have an active YouTube Channel for yourself:

  1. Create a Google Account if you don’t have any yet.
  2. Visit to sign up now
  3. From your Right-Hand side Tap on Channel
  4. Enter your Channel name and Save

Well, you should know that it is your Google Account you will be using to Login or Sign up for a New YouTube Account. Meaning that Google Account is a time Account with which you can use to Login or Register to any Google Products and Services like Google Play, Google Map, Translator, assistance, inbox by Google, and so on.

How to Login To Account

For you to log in to your account, here are the requirements you need to proceed with:

  1. Username
  2. Password

Now,  you will proceed with these steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on login
  3. Enter your Username, your Google Account Address like
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Click Login

Why you Need a YouTube Account

With the Following reasons and benefits, you will know the reasons why an Active YouTube Advertising Channel will be nice for you:

  1. Having an online presents
  2. make cool cash online
  3. Tell the World what you are made of
  4. Make and upload videos free
  5. create events for classes and teachings

Meanwhile, if you are ready to join our digital marketing classes, do tap the WhatsApp group now.

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