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Make Instagram a Money Tool Platform | How to Make More Money with your Instagram Account

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I guess having an instagram account is not a new thing but how to make Instagram a money tool platform. Over the years, people from various parts of the country have been making use of their social media accounts to chat or text each other and communicate as much as they really want.

Recently things began to move up to the next level and now each or many social media accounts online can actually fetch you money as long as you know how to use it and how far your social life can be used as an influence towards achieving what you really want.

The Instagram Money Journey

Firstly, when Instagram came in, the world knows it as a photo displaying app. However, as the years goes by, gradually is now among the best social media platforms that offers money than you can imagine.

Instagram growth escalated and moved to the peak that you cannot count three social media accounts without referring to it.

Therefore I would like us to get a comfortable spot and relax as we read down this post until the end because it might be useful to you.

I have seen many people many money with their account and they can actually do this at the comfort of their homes or just with a little stress.

However, nothing good comes easy but you just have to know that if you set out for this then you have to put your all.

This is a topic that gives me much joy as I share out various ways to help people out there to make more money.

Everyone wants to see their Instagram accounts make a good difference by fetching a lot of resources, this might be the answer.

Furthermore as the day goes by, more and more people tend to open a new Instagram account. It is mostly operated by people under the age of 40 years.

The Instagram Business World

This is what I can really tell you. Instagram can really make your products so popular and also create a channel for more income with your business.

There are billions of users right now onto the instagram platform. A lot of entrepreneurs are really making more money with this platform.

Therefore, making money here is all about proper planning and your business becomes your selling point.

You can actually draw more attention and more viewers with your good quality pictures and videos telling people about your products.

A good content with originality actually produces good results. In addition to that, viewers actually helps you make this revenue but you do not need millions of people following you before you can make money on instagram.

Do know that thousands of instagram followers can actually earn you money, let your post and pictures be original. Some people with 2000 friends or follows starts making money gradually with it.

Influencers InstaMoney Technique: Make Instagram a Money Tool Platform

Instagram influencers can actually take you to the top and make you gain as much revenue as you want through sales.

  • MICRO INFLUENCER: The question is who are the micro influencers and how will they help me to make money via my Instagram account. These are your followers but in low quantity following your insta account. The micro influencers are mostly below 10,000 follows on your page but they can generate little revenue ($85) for you, this is not a constant revenue for you, it can change.
  • MIDDLE RANGE INFLUENCER: they are followers from 10,000-100,000 people and they yield revenue bigger tan the micro followers. Maybe $200 can be realized.
  • TOP RANGE INFLUENCER: they are followers within the range of 100,000 thousand to millions. They make a good money greater than than that of middle.

Grow My Email List with My Instagram Account

There are just few steps on how you can actually grow your Instagram users and your email list linking to your website.

Most people wants their email subscribers to grow and reach to a good certain number. Many people might visit your site without registering via the email address to get more updates from you later.

You actually need to convert more viewers into subscribers, so how do you do this? Lets take a look at the simple steps below:

  1. Firstly, you should places a link of your website in your Instagram biography. the link will carry each viewer to the site where you gave a good content about that topic.
  2. Clicking on the link takes them to your site and at a page where they can register with email address to continue.
  3. Your website can have a little pop out notification at the top of screen to show each time viewers enter, the notification tells them to register with email address to continue.
  4. Finally, you can lock up or gate your content about your post and requesting them to register with email address to continue reading. Give them good reasons to register which is to get more post and updates from your site.

Simple Methods on Make Instagram a Money Tool Platform

This is just a nutshell but a very important information for us to know about how to embark on instagram money making.

Without much ado, let me quickly set us below on the different ways on how some people began their journey.

  1. To become an affiliate marketer by selling products that belongs to other people, then in turn make more profits as more sales are made.
  2. Through or the act of sponsoring post for brands, this helps you grow more audience or viewers and make revenue.
  3. My sales: what I mean is to sell your own products which can be in form of physical goods or digital goods or services online. This grows your audience and your sales.
  4. Lastly, you can make sells using your photography or videos online.

Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Do you know that you can actually grow that your instagram account? All it takes is just one step at a time and before you know it, you are almost there.

  • Make you have an instagram account to begin with.
  • Then next step is to write a good bio and profile. Make sure you give clear and concise information on your profile.
  • Just have a good branding and color schemes planned out.
  • This is the most important: make sure you have good quality contents inside and then you can promote such post via other social platforms.
  • Make sure you also post more frequently and not one s in a blue moon.
  • Tis is instagram and so hashtag is one of its tool; make sure to use hashtag tool to get more important hashtags, then you can include more of the hashtags on your post.
  • You can do a challenge, giveaways, and other promo skills to help you gain more supporters and followers.
  • Use the influencer marketing strategy to gain more
  • Finally, you can join the instagram community and make your service or products known.

Various Steps to Make Instagram a Money Tool Platform

Below are the various techniques or methods that can really help you to make more revenue using your instagram profile.


This is one of the things that can make your post go far. Through the help of build up link which are the influencers. They can make that post reach its destination, they make your account get that brand.

Your audience are your main target and you can reach them wit a good content and good relationship as well.

Therefore, the viewers or audience trust matters a lot and they seem to be the ones that also promote your business. You as an intagram owner have the right to select the brand you want, you are also a good influencer that commands crowd with the good contents you puts in out there.

Sometimes, it gets to a point where the brands start looking for you because of how famous your Instagram account is online.

They tend to reach out to the people through you because of what you command. They pay to strike a deal with you.


This is part of what can really generate revenue for you. You can becomes an Instagram affiliate marketer selling other brand products.

Hello, you must not concentrate on creating awareness but rather creating more ways to make sales.

You ought to focus on how to give out a link and promo codes to help the clicks coming through them. Making more post and links can do the work and make you earn more.

Therefore Instagram have given out opportunity to add links to stories (Instagram) and these can help influencers gain more.

See this: How can I make Money Online

However, you can check out this market places; they can help you market your products- click bank, reward style, amazon associates.


Getting your business online is the main deal. It sells out your products or services and gets you more income.

Selling the products can be physical, services, etc. They are just simple strategy to sell out that product in style. You can sell online products like photography, eBooks, courses, design templates.

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