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Latest News on Satoshi BTCs MainNet launch, Withdrawal

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The official MainNet launch for the BTCs Satoshi earlier scheduled for Quarter two of 2022, has been shifted to quarter three, to finalize unfinished upgrades.Latest News on Satoshi BTCs

Latest News on Satoshi BTCs

Quarter three (Q3) starts on July 1 and ends on September 30th. In a recent tweet by the @Coredao_Org: We identified a potential improvement to the Satoshi Plus consensus algorithm to make it more decentralized. Our planned 2Q release will be delayed in order to thoroughly test this upgrade. We feel 95% confident to release the MainNet in the third quarter of this year.

#CoreDAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem, building Web3 infrastructure, and promoting public chains on Bitcoin’s PoW.

@BTCs_ response: “Let’s take it sequentially, no need to rush to avoid regrettable errors. Miners who understand perfectly what is onboard can proceed with thorough research and learning. Do not just sit on the fence and focus on the $$$ alone. Remember, the team has introduced Delete Account button/option – for miner’s who feel sad or unsafe using the BTCs mining app.

For newbies in BTCs mining, Satoshi BTCs is a crypto project trying out something new; expect numerous changes because it requires great skill, research, and development towards assembling, debugging, optimization, and getting all the essential mathematical proofs verified successfully.

“MINING” in crypto requires the use of rigs that requires a steady power supply with constant activity or setup nodes (usual software on a computer set) to solve computational problems before a transaction gets successfully and broadcasted (recorded) successfully…

This current Mobile (App) ‘mining’ of “Bitcoin satoshi (BTCs)” is a strictly an Airdrop, which is a marketing strategy adopted by developers, aimed at promoting and creating awareness about the project, thereby rewarding the promoters (users/participants) with the project’s asset (coins or tokens).

On BTCs, there will only be a total supply of 2.1 billion BTCs. Out of it, the project’s devs will airdrop 525.6M via this current mobile app mining. This current mobile mining of BTCs will elapse (end) on 12th December 2022 and subsequent mining will be on-chain via the use of Decentralized Nodes – which is the actual way mining is done in crypto.

While referring anyone to a crypto airdrop, tell them to keep a clear state of mind on the outcome of the project. Never be too sure about what the next update will be. Always be open to learning from current development and teaching others too.

Satoshi BTCs will run on a PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism, embedded with Smart Contracts enabling developers to explore and develop projects on its Blockchain (Satoshi Public Chain). Satoshi BTCs value (price) is currently $0 (zero dollars), and can not be transferred or withdrawn yet, because it is still in the TestNet phase. Miners can only initiate the withdrawal or transfer of Bitcoin (BTC) from the BTCs mining app.

BTCs miners can visit TrustPilot to write positive reviews (with 5 stars) to help create awareness and make more people understand that BTCs are 100% legit. Trustpilot is free and open to every company and consumer everywhere – sharing experiences helps others make better choices and companies up their game.”

BTCs miners who have not given any review, endeavor to give yours. Currently, there are over 300 insightful comments (reviews) about BTCs on the Satoshi BTCs mining WhatsApp group – the number one website that appears when people are researching about BTCs – if it is legit or a scam.

Reviewing the entire Crypto circle globally, only Satoshi Nakamoto has achieved absolute anonymity and decentralization; no borders, no political background, no platform endorsement. #BTCs is a tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto for the successful Decentralization plan.

When MainNet goes live, BTCs and other assets on Satoshi Public Chain can be operated via Wallets only. Endeavor to familiarize with wallet operations on TestNet to prevent the risk of asset loss due to improper operation on MainNet. BTCs Miners who haven’t used Testnet wallets, please learn the relevant operating procedures as soon as possible.

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