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How To Install Split Unit Air Conditioner

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Install Split Unit Air Condition: Air Conditioner is as Awesome as you will love to be at any moment. Well, if you are in the Hot Region of the Earth you will need it more while Those in the Cold Region need a heater to warm the body when you want.

Split Unit Air Condition Start till finish installation

However, on this page, we will be giving the true steps you need to install a slip unit AC …

Meanwhile, is true that there are trained professionals for installing a split unite air condition but if you follow this instruction carefully you can install an air condition comfortably on your own.

Step 1:

Find a free location on your interior well to hang the indoor air condition system unit, ensure that there is at least 15cm space around the air condition system indoor unite and that the well is strong enough to hold the indoor system unit

Step 2:

hang the indoor bracket at the free location on your interior wall for the indoor air condition system unite
hang the bracket against well make is at the same level then drill holes at the appropriate spot where you will screw in the bracket insert your plastic anchors (peg) into the holes and hold with your tapping screws

Step 3

make a hole in the well to pass the pipes. Find the best spot to open the hole in your good bracket to connect your exterior outdoor air condition system unite the hole should slope downwards that [7.5cm] towards the exterior system unit to ensure your water drainage then put your flexible flange into the connection hole.

Step 4

connect your electrical connections. Make sure your wires are connected to the electrical terminal using the color code

Step 5

Connect your pipes, This pipe will connect both the interior system air conditioner indoor unit and the exterior system air condition outdoor unit bind the pipes electrical cable and the water drain with electrical tap and pass through the hole.

Step 6

make sure the outdoor unite bracket is strong enough condenser.

Face 2 on AC installation

To Install the outdoor system air condition unit [condenser], you just have to follow the steps below:


The place most not be too dusty or hot , the outdoor unit should have at least 12’’ of space surrounding it to ensure good functioning.


hang the outdoor bracket properly then put the condenser on the bracket using the rubber cushioning under the unit feet to reduce vibration, make sure no radio or television is 3 meters close to the outdoor unit.

Step 3

connect the electrical wires using the color code make sure the wires as the manufactures wiring diagram suggested.

Step 4

make sure the pipes flare nuts are at its position on the outdoor unit.

Face 3 on AC installation

Rounding up the split unit air conditioner installation.

Step 1. Remove the air and the humidity from the refrigerant circuit, remove the caps on the 3-way valves from the service port.

Steps 2. Connect the vacuum pump hose to the service port, turn the vacuum until is reaches 10mm close the low-pressure knob and turn off the vacuum.

Step 3. Test all the valves and joints of leakage.

Step 4. wrap the pipe joints with installation tape and screw piping to the wall with clamps.

Step 5. close the hole in well using expanding foam.

If all this instruction is followed carefully then I must say you have done good work.

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