How To Repair Automatic Voltage Stabilizer.

How to repair automatic voltage regulator stabilizer 1000-5000 capacity. If the stabilizer has no power check the glass fuse. Lose the fuse box and check if the wire across the fuse has cut off. Replace the fuse with the same rate as the fuse.How To Repair Automatic Voltage

How To Repair Automatic Voltage

Test the AC wire by using an analog or digital meter. Read the wire with an analog or

digital meter, from the three-pin plug to the fuse box one by one. Or read the brown wire is positive. While the blue is negative or neutral.

Also, read Charging not adding a percentage.

And the yellow is earthing must be connected to avoid electric shock. After testing the wire shows good “ON’’ the power switch test again or read with analog or digital meter if the wire read well then plug it to the socket-outlet 100-220 voltages.

IF the input indicator or input voltage brings to light. Then check the output voltage.

Sometimes the stabilizer will not pass voltage to the output, then press the underlay button out.

IF you want delay mode then press the button ‘’IN’’ delay stays about 3 minutes. WHILE underlay stays about 3 seconds.

  • Output Meter Show Output Voltage.
  • Stabilizer Protection.
  • Power Switch.
  • Delay Selector.
  • Working Condition.
  • Voltage.
  • Output Meter Show Output Voltage.

If the output did not supply then, check the component inside the stabilizer. Such as RELAY, IC, Capacitor Resistor, Diode. Or contact a competent technician.

Stabilizer output cannot carry home appliances such as a freezer, television, sound system, etc. It means that some component like relay has burnt.

Check the capacitor or the transformer coil can be recoil. The stabilizer input is no supposed to give the same voltage. With output, if such a thing occurs it means that something is wrong within the circuit.

How To Repair Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer.

Stabilizer output no suppose to supply at the same time with input. It must give some seconds or minutes. A stabilizer that gives high voltage is very dangerous.

Because when stabilizer supply high is 300 voltage or 400 voltage. While your electronics appliances are 220_ 230 voltage.

Stabilizer Protection.

Every stabilizer has a power surge. That surge help to regulate and stabilize the voltage. Also, help to delay before supplying output 220 voltage.

Each time your stabilizer cuts off the fuse please find out the reason why it happens. Sometimes if you replace the 13A fuse it will cut off again, the cause may be a diode, transformer coil, or circuit panel.

How To Repair Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer

Stabilizer tripe off suddenly the unusual indicator light starts blinking check input voltage meter if the voltage is not up to 100 260 voltage then press the button out.
If the voltage is 140_260 voltage then press the button ‘’IN’’ you will see the result automatically.

How To Repair Automatic Voltage

The stabilizer is very necessary for every household appliance. This automatic voltage regulator gives you the normal voltage that electronics need.

Some households are suffering low voltage and high voltage. The reason is that them don’t know rules and regulation guarding automatic stabilizer.

Power Switch

This is the general electrical power Switch of the stabilizer. The IN use indicator is lighting.

The stabilizer working. The delaying indicator is lighting, the delay circuit is working, and the stabilizer has no output.

When the turbo indicator is lighting the turbo circuit is working and the stabilizer can work in extra-low voltage below AC 160 voltage.

When the input voltage outside its regulation range the protecting indicator is lighting.
The stabilizer has no output.

The normal indicator is lighting the delay circuit is off, and the stabilizer resumes output.

Turbo selector if the input voltage is in a state of less fluctuation frequently, please off the turbo switch, to promote the stabilizer’s laden power.

If the input voltage is in a state of too low AC 160 voltage frequently, please on the turbo switch and minis the laden power.

Delay Selector.

If this stabilizer is used for refrigerant appliances, please ON the delay switch to the opportunity of damage to the motor compressor.

If not please select underlay. Be sure to connect the input plug to the mains outlet closely. and please operate the stabilizer in the range of AC 100-260 voltage.

If the input voltage is in the range of AC 140-260 voltage. The stabilizer can provide the 100% listed maximum output power.

If the input voltage is below AC 140 voltage the stabilizer output power will change as the curve shown below.

Working Condition.

If the external flexible cables of this stabilizer. If mangled, please use the special cord for replacing.

Which be provided by the manufacturer or its maintain organization. When install and use the stabilizer which is without a socket.

Should be set a broken device on the fixed wiring of buildings, which can cut off all the power poles except the protection earth.

Break distance should be over 3 meters and can break off the stabilizer in safety and convenience.

Avoid overloading do not use the stabilizer beyond its maximum output power. When connected to any appliance with the built-in motor compressor.

The starting power is generally several times the appliances listed power rating.

Make sure that the total starting power capacity of all connected appliances does not exceed the listed maximum output power of the stabilizer. For color TV, calculate it twice as its listed capacity.


Make sure that the stabilizer is of the same output voltage and frequency as the appliances connected.

Make sure that the voltage of the electrical source is within the listed range of the input voltage of the stabilizer.

Note do not “ON” the wall socket or extension, stabilizer must be “OFF” before plunging into the electrical source.

Always place the stabilizer in an environment that is well ventilated. Not exposed to direct sunlight or heat source.

Out of reach from children. Away from any flammable substance. Secure and no risk of falling. However if the stabilizer fall please contact a competent technician.

All models or appliances are single-phase, action transfer time is less than 0.5 second. The waveform is a sine wave, with no distortion.

underlay output voltage, time is in the range of 3-5 minutes. While the delay is about one hundred and eighty seconds (180).

The build-in protector will work when overloading rated output current 125% input voltage more than alternative current 280.

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