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Holland Scholarships for Bachelor’s or Masters Degree Study in the Netherlands

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Holland Scholarships 2021 for Bachelor’s or Masters Degree is now freely an online application available for you to apply, Holland Scholarships is for Global and Universal student who want study in Europe like Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland and others.

Here on this page follow our instruction to know the steps on how to apply for Holland Scholarships 2020/2021 for Bachelor’s or Masters Degree to study in Netherlands and the application deadline.

Holland Scholarships Description

The Holland Scholarship is meant for global and professional students from outside the European Financial Area (EEA) who do like to have bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands. Are you ready for the chance of a lifetime? Apply for the Holland Scholarship.
This scholarship is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as well as various Dutch research universities of applied sciences.


The amount of the scholarship is € 5,000. You can receive this in the first year of your studies. Please note that this is not a full-tuition scholarship.

Grant award period

The grant is only for one year and only once.

Application criteria

  • Your nationality is non-EEA.
  • If you are applying for a full-time bachelor’s or master’s program at one of the cooperating Dutch higher education institutions.
  • You meet the specific demands of the institution of your choice. Meanwhile, You can find these on the website of the institution.
  • You must not have a degree from an education university in the Netherlands.

How to apply

Find your program in the overview of participating research universities or in the overview of participating universities of applied sciences. For you to find your complete information about the application strategy and deadlines in the links provided in both lists.
The university/institution can contact you to let you know if you have been awarded a scholarship.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

Do You Get the point Now? … here are the list of factors you need to consider when Applying for any Scholarship tpo study Abroad or any country of your Choice>>>

1. Know where to look –

First things first, where do you actually go to find full scholarships? – Most people ending making the Application from a wrong source that is why on this page also we have the direct sponsorship portal for you to proceed with your Application.

2. Prepare in advance –

What are the documentation needed? that is the first thing you have to ask your self and more you make them available as recommended.

3. Work hard and keep motivated –

Also Follow up your Application for more clarification and to able you gain easy Approval on merit.

4. Make yourself stand out from other applicants –

Don’t just do what others are doing but make use what ever you have to do are the right once and more ask questions properly before any form of submission.

5. Read the application instructions carefully –

Just as said before now, you have the full idea of the Application when you read the full instruction and try to visit after reading for easy understanding.

6. Submit an exceptional scholarship essay or cover letter –

This well help you a lot in gaining the award on merit.

7. Be realistic –

It’s okay and safe that you make your registration with your real and legal details which is what we have on this part to make your award claiming easy for you.


Try apply for 2022 academic year. Before the deadline for application is either 1 February 2022 or 1 May 2022.
See This: List of Available Scholarships to Apply for 2022 Applicants 
NOTE: for you to apply for Holland Scholarships 2022 before the deadline, you must follow the official website now.
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