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Guide on How to Select your Dropshipping Products | Drop shipping Business

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If you are on this page, then you are onto the guide on how to select your dropshipping products. You can set up a dropshipping business today, it is very easy but the most important thing is how to control the activities and products you sell while doing this business. Selecting a dropshipping products needs a step by step process which can make the seller gain more revenue and a brand name as well.

Dropshipping Race Line

There are various online market business line that started small with dropshipping and gradually grew to the peak of their sales: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy.

However, just like I mentioned above, the dropshipping business is possible to set up but it depends on how you manage your business.

The market is competitive and requires your time to be able to set up strategy that other competitors might not be interested with.

One of the advantages of dropshipping is that it removes the risk of buying goods in bulk and not selling all of them.

It does not leave you stranded or out of business because your pocket is empty after making much bulk purchase and left with nothing when sales is not coming.

The business is easy to start wit a minimum investment and more returns or benefits just like other retail business.

Therefore, if you want to start it up as a part time business or a full time business then you should know how to manage your time. Before we proceed, let’s take a look at what dropshipping is.

Dropshipping and Business

The simple explanation to a dropshipping business is: it is a business technique where the seller makes sales for goods through order to the supplier without keeping any stocking records of the goods. The supplier keeps such goods in a confined apartment (warehouse) and deals with the forwarding, packaging and shipping alone. Guide on How to Select your Dropshipping Products is just the key. If you still want a further explanation then you should follow this chart below:

Customer buys goods(stock or items)

Buys them at a retail price

Seller Forwards order to supplier

Pays at wholesale price and makes profit

Supplier receives order

The supplier Sends the goods (items) to customer directly

Goods get to customer under the seller business name.

I hope it looks simple and more explanatory with the chart above…

This why the seller takes no records of stocks or inventory because actually he has no goods in stock or warehouse by himself.

If you look at the chart, you must grab something out of it and then as a seller all you have to do is to set up a good retail website platform for the customers.

The dropshipping business is mostly an online platform and orders can come from anywhere around the world.

So I must tell you that people still apply this method today, makes a lot of profit and sales from all over the world.

Finally, now you know how dropshipping works between sellers, suppliers and customers. It is a good business but quite different from e-commerce and other retail business.

So let’s look at the Simple Ways to Start up a Dropshipping Store

Shopify Dropshipping Store (How-To): Guide on How to Select your Dropshipping Products

There are simple ways to do this, read up carefully as you go down.

Therefore, for most people, building up a shopping store is really a big issue but to others it is not. The retail website have to be in a way that the customers will surely like as they visit the site to order for products.

The pages of the store website should include this nice platforms: ABOUT US, ORDER STATUS, TERMS OF SERVICE, CONTACT US, SHIPPING and RETURNS, PRIVACY POLICY.

The features above show s the quality of your online store and how customers can reach you very easily.

Therefore, you can create each page by clicking on the pages icon and then an online store then you write contents about each feature before posting.

However, to be able to do this, you should have a knowledge of the SEO because you ave to give a good write ups and meta description with title.

Sign up to shopify platform: if you are heading for shopify online platform then you have to sign up for the trial. You have to visit these website then you have to create a business name that will make your brand original ( This is exactly what you need and you have to fill out other information that follows suit, do not worry it is all easy and simple.

Next is to register with your website backend address: this is how it looks like

Select a good shopify store theme to use. Use something that will captivate your customers immediately they visit your site.

Set up a payment method where customers can easily pay and order their goods.

Advantages of a Dropshipping Store


  • As a seller, you do not need to stress yourself in shipping the product to the customers.
  • To start up the dropshipping business needs a small capital investment unlike when you compare others.
  • You do not need to keep more records about the goods.
  • You can make order from different suppliers depending on the goods that your customers really need.

Disadvantages of a Dropshipping Store

  • Here, sometimes customer support can be a big challenge especially when the goods does not fit in to their taste.
  • You are not in control of the goods in stock and its quality.
  • The shipping routes does not concern you and sometimes this can cause more problems if anything happens.
  • You do not make all the decisions in the business.

Guide on How to Select your Dropshipping Products

There are complete guides on how to go about this, below I will list and also explain various steps how you can st up the business.


If you look at the statement above, I term it sub-market, this is how it should be. The seller needs to make a good choice on the type of business line he/she wants to venture into but on this note you have to be specific on that part of business.

This will really make it clear to your customers that you are very good when it comes to this line of business. You have to choose a sub-market where you can actually do well.

I hope you know that there are lots of sellers out there competing to make sales, so you have to be more specific on what you want.

To make a good choice let us look at this small steps:

  • start with the business that drives your passion and interest, something that really makes you happy always.
  • make sure that the product and business in that line is really profitable then you can start up with that. If is not then select another one.
  • make a research on the market profit analysis of the business and know how you will fit in.
  • finally, note that competition can come up and that is why you need a good strategy to still stay in business.

For market research: use the SaleHoo labs research, so how do they work

It is a good market research providing you with information on the Guide on How to Select your Dropshipping Products

  • Gives you a rundown of the suppliers that are currently dealing on the business and product you want to venture into.
  • Analyzes the sale rate at that period.
  • Competitors available for that product will also be shown to you, then you can know your next move. Keys to fight competitors: know your competitors, know their sales strategy, photos, selling skills and their delivery pattern they strengthen and organize your own to be good and better than them. Do not forget to check the customers comments because it can help you to improve through their request options.
  • Retail price will be displayed as well.


Here is one of the important things you really need because you need a supplier for the business but most importantly a trusted person. Some business men find it difficult here but if you have a supplier then you are good to go.

A good supplier should have the below qualities:

  • Should not charge a huge order fees from you when supply comes.
  • His delivery should be quick or fast.
  • He should have a good quality product.
  • More experienced with the shipping and stocking process.
  • Be honest and give prompt information on time.


Since you have gotten your product or decided the type of product you really want to venture into. The next thing to do is to look for sales.

Therefore, you need to select a good market or selling platform where you can make sales. The most popular online market selling platform for the dropshipping business: Amazon, eBay, Etsy. They are the top sellers with various products and many registered active users on their platform. Their active users amounts to millions and they are very straight in delivering goods.

Why you should make these people your suppliers:

  • They have large customers and users with a good known brand.
  • You tend to make more revenue with them due to large customers.
  • It is easy and fast to register a new account wit them.
  • Customers trust is guaranteed.



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I hope the information above is useful to you and will be a reference to you as you begin your online dropshipping business.

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