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Google Business Map Location | Add My Business to Google Map | Get More Customers

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Do you have a business that is registered? Is your business on the Google business map location? Do you know how you can add your business to Google map? All these and many more questions are really what you should ask yourself if you are a business owner operating in a confined environment but your business is not known in the world or around the world.

Google World & Business

Every business man wants his/her business to grow and move to the next level. A business on the Google map makes it easier for customers to locate your business easily and reach out deals with you.

Once your business is on the Google map, it will be very easy for someone to search you and know the location of your business.

This post will give you little guide on how to set up a business or incorporate your business to the Google map.

Google maps gets your business across the world, it makes people around to locate you easily, it increases traffic thereby many customers as well, makes your branch to reach to them all.

However, before I will move further I will like to drop a little explanation on what Google business is all about.

Now, what is Google map business?

Google my business is a unique online platform that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to register their various business on Google maps following the simple process. Their business appears online with good details below for each customer when they appear on the search platform.

Relevant Information offer by the Google Business Map

I want to list out some basic information for you so that you will understand what I mean when I say that Google business reaches to them all.

  • Shows the business contact details
  • Details of products and services that the business carries out
  • Shows the business opening hours
  • Important images about the business
  • Business location
  • Customers review
  • Business FAQs

The world have gone digital and so should your business go digital. It will really be good enough if searches are done and your business pops out with the location.

My Google Business Dashboard

This should not make you feel surprised, it is part of the steps involved. Before you arrive to the dashboard, you must have registered your business online through the process I will still show you below.

Therefore, it is from this dashboard that you can include: your business working hours, office images, business description, business location and many more.

Owner verify Account

This comes along too when you are done with your registration and you must verify your Google business account so that you can have total control of it. As the business owner you should be in total control of the business you seek for, so the code that was sent to through the post card is what you use to verify the business address account.

How to add My Business to Google Map (Google Business Map Location)

Okay, there are various stages to do this, so you have to read up until you get to the end so as to grab all information.

Stage 1: official website

The first thing to do is to go to the official web address- then sign in or log in. You can use your Google account (Gmail) to sign in.

Stage 2: check your business listing

This is the stage where you check if your business have been online before or not. All you need to do is to click manage no, then key in your business name and if it appears then you know someone else already have the business name and using it for his/her business. Then adjust and add something to the name to make yours unique.

However, if the business does not appear online then you can take it up and register.

Stage 3: confirm business name

This is what exactly you have to check. check if the business name is same with your website and if it appears correctly as you want it.

Stage 4: categories for the Google my business

So lets go to the category aspect. You should really choose the category that your business falls in. It will be good for the business. You can as well add sub-categories but that will be when your account is set up fully.

Stage 5: add business service

Here, you just have to add the service that your business will offer to the public. You can choose from Google list or add yours.

Stage 6: add location

Here you can put the business location or select if your business has location or not.

Stage 7: business address

You have to be careful here, give an exact address for the business to locate you. You should enter the address as they appear from your website, it will be nice if the business has exact match like the website address.

Stage 8: alternative location

You can as well add another location. You can add locations again, city, state, country you serve.

Stage 9: contact details

Please make sure you include your contact details for the business.

In Summary

How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?
  1. Go to Google My Business. Click “Get on Google
  2. Enter Your Business Name and Address in the Search Box.
  3. Select or Add Your Business. Click on your business listing if it appears among the suggested matches. …
  4. Verify Your Business.
  5. Confirm your Business.

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CLICK AND SAVE…this is the end and your business is good to appear online now at Google map.

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