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How To Get Out Of Debt Very Fast – Live Freely And Owe Nobody

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The strategic guide on how to get out of debt very fast is one of the post that you really need during this coronavirus period. Yes! Why do I say so? I hear many people talk about debt, some of my friends are also on debt during this coronavirus period because of some delays in some work operations.

Strategic Guide On How To Get Out Of Debt Very Fast

If you have opportunity to come across this post then I must tell you the truth, you will learn a lot today.

The message is for everyone who is and have how has been in debt before, those already in debt and those thinking of securing loans. No one wants you to owe them.

So why waste your time and effort in requesting for money you know might turn out to entangle or cage you forever.

To me debt is a crushing tool, something that makes me see figures that belongs to others. It makes me feel caged and locked up when you can’t pay back.

However, having said all these, you can get out of debt with a great deal of focus and self control. Most at times all it requires is your action plan and how you execute it.

Veritable & Strategic Guide

Below are the various steps and some few instructions on what to do to come out of the situation.

1. Knowing All Your Debts

This entails creating a picture in your mind or knowing fully well that you owe a debt. You can have your debts written out on a paper.

These acts like a reminder to you that you owe someone. This makes the case more easier and gets you fixed.

Well, you can do this in lots of ways:

A) Own Your Debt

This is mind conception and distribution. Now, you start by knowing all of your debts, take a moment telling yourself you have debt but want to get out of it.

You can term it a past mistake, missed payments, or overspending tips. It might be painful but you must admit to owe the debt.

B) Make a Debt Tracker

Well do you know that some people created a tracker for their debts? This comes from not wanting to accept the guilt of having debt. The effect there is that if avoided, it can make it nearly impossible to get out of debt.

Therefore, you can open up a new Google or Microsoft Excel sheet and list out all of your debts. Also, write the name of the creditor, interest rates, total balance.

2. Rank or Grade Your Debts

All your debts are not the same. You can grade or put them according to a scale of preference to payments. know the Strategic Guide On How To Get Out Of Debt Very Fast.

a) Understand The Good And Bad Debts

Considering the three main types of bad debt:

  • Credit Card Debt: Average citizen and household owes over $16,000 in credit card debt.
  • Auto Loan Debt: via CNBC news , the average auto loan in the US is $30,032.
  • Consumer Loan Debt: this loan debt isn’t common but it’s still considered bad as interest rates are usually between 10-30%.

However, Good debt is identified as investments in your future. See most of them

  • Student Loan Debt
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Business Loans

b) Know The Debt to Start With; First To Pay Off matters

Once you know each type of debt and their interest rates, you can begin to pay off debt quickly.

Therefore Focus on paying off bad debt first, regardless of if it is a credit card or auto loan. You can Start by paying off the loan with the highest interest rate first.

However, If you have several credit cards with different interest rates, the I advise you focus on the one with a higher APR.

Finally, I will tell you that you will actually save more money by eliminating the card with the highest interest rate.

3. Clear Obstacles To Pay Off

If you can do this then is good. Avoid temptation of money at all cost.

A) Hide Your Credit Cards

Therefore, If credit cards are your temptation, then you need to eliminate temptation and remove them from your wallet.

Do you know that Some people have gone to extreme measures by breaking or removing their credit cards?

This mostly helps them not to spend too much. Also, it gives you time to think of the best idea to buy that thing you’re about to buy.

B) Plan Ahead

This is something you should always know, getting out of debt will require some sacrifices. The key to it is enough planning, you can make it work.

Take example, if you know that you have a friend’s weeding or friend party coming up, plan ahead for the costs.

C) Live Cheaply and Simple

Therefore I repeat again, the only way to get out of debt is to make some sacrifices on your spending habits.

Also, try to find ways to save money each month so you can out your outstanding debts. below are some ways to save money each month:

  • Live with roommates.
  • Cook dinners and prepare lunches for work instead of eating out in restaurant.
  • Cut cable and choose Netflix or Amazon Prime to save cost.
  • You can take public transit or bike to work.

4. Getting the Lowest Interest Rates

The secret is that the higher your interest rates, the harder and far it will take you to pay off any debt.

Therefore, you want to find ways to lower your interest rates to help get out of debt quickly. Take a look here:

A) Keep Up with a High Credit Score

Know that your credit grade will have a large effect on your ability to secure your loans and receive lower interest rate.

These credit tips can help to increase and maintain a god grade:

  • Don’t sign up for more than one card at once for anything.
  • Limit hard inquires, like auto-loans and new credit cards
  • Never miss a payment.
  • Don’t exceed 30% of your credit limit.
  • Monitor frequently with free credit-tracking software.

5. How Can I Get Rid of Debt Totally

Firstly, I hope you learnt these steps: setting up a plan, removing temptations, and getting the lowest interest rates.

A) Continue Monitoring and Adjusting

The goal is that if you have a plan, don’t get relaxed and feel you are covered. Track your debt payoff plan and make the necessary adjustments.

B) Start to Earn More Money

Therefore there are so many ways to save money. Instead of incurring more debt, find ways to earn more money.

In addition to that, it is much easier to find ways to earn an extra $1,000 per month than find $1,000 to cut from your budget.

C) Start a Side Hustle

There are lots of small business packages you can try doing to earn something. No matter how little the pay is, it will still help out in one way or the other.

Sometimes it could be coaching students on the weekends, driving for Uber, or taking paid online surveys.

Finally, Just get motivated and try to set up something which will eventually grow and help out tomorrow.


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