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Fix Up a Windows 10 Update Problem | Complete Windows Revival Issue for your Desktop

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If you have a windows update problem, now is the time to fix up a windows 10 update problem for that your desktop. There are many things that can lead to the update issue and we will still look into it as you read down the post.

The windows update issue can be as a result of the malware attacks or tough installation issues to the computer device.

Consequently this can affect the computer or device operations and other applications in the system as well.

Everyday operations with the computer is done through the windows whether at home, work or office.

If you are making use of a desktop or laptop then I guess you know how important the system update will be. The system needs to update sometimes to upgrade some applications in the system to improve on the computer performance, security and other features.

However, there might be an error or problems coming up if the updates are stuck or not working like normal before.

Some of the problems might be: downloading problem or errors in file downloading, it can also be a scanning issue as well.

Upgrade Windows View

The windows upgrade can come in different version of the computer, either in windows 7, 8, 10 versions.

However, this post will be talking more on windows 10, features of its important and other important packages that the update offers.

The Microsoft windows latest version happens to be windows 10, it is a more model version than the old windows like 7,8.

So, updating your windows always does not mean that it cannot have problems, however, all you need is ways on how to fix such problems when it arrives.

Therefore, even though the computer is giving problems on the update issue, do not worry this post will guide you for more solution.

Let’s quickly rundown the various steps that you can apply to help you through on fixing the windows problem.

NOTE: please before starting up an update, try to know your computer bit version, this can be either 32 bit or 64 bit.

Fix Up a Windows 10 Update by Manual Installation

This is one of the steps that can help you in maintaining a good update in the computer windows but that will definitely happen if you perform it correctly.

NOTE: there are steps to do this manual process and carry it out very well. You must download the updates before installation takes place.

To know device click on: settings>system>About>device system type>write down version number.

Therefore, lets move on to the simple steps on how to download and install.

Download process

Steps to download updates:

  • The first thing to do is to go to windows history update section.
  • The installation will match the windows 10 so click on it.
  • Confirm the update base number, you can copy it aside .
  • Then check for this: make sure you confirm by opening the Microsoft catalog page
  • Then search for the update base number you copied before.
  • Finally, tap on the download button but let it be according to the windows version and bit version of your computer as well (e.g. windows 10 and 64 bit version).

Installation process

  • Firstly, click on start button.
  • Locate the command prompt.
  • Then you have to run it as an administrator; you do this by right clicking on the command prompt.
  • This command will help you to install the update…. wusa c:\PATH-TO-UPDATE\NAME-OF-UPDATE.msu/quiet/norestart

Fix Up a Windows 10 Update by Troubleshooting

This is a feature that comes along with the windows, I know you might be surprised to hear this but the windows 10 has the troubleshooter button as well.

How can I locate the troubleshooter? Well, let us check below for more steps on it.

  • The beginning and the first step is to locate the settings.
  • Then tap on the update and security icon.
  • Next step, tap on the troubleshoot that displays after the security icon.
  • Then go to the: get up running button.
  • Click on windows update.
  • Then tap to run the troubleshoot.
  • Tap on close after the process is done.

Fix Up a Windows 10 Update by maintenance

This is very necessary to fix up up the problems in your windows. So maybe you think the update might be the problem to the device malfunctioning and low performance as well.

To hide such updates then follow these steps below:

  • Go to the windows support website.
  • Tap on the show or hide updates troubleshooter.
  • Then double click on the wsuhowhide.diagcab option.
  • Tap on the NEXT button.
  • Click on this option: hide updates that will appear.
  • Choose update that seems to be the problem.
  • Finally click on the next and close button to finish the process.

Fix Up a Windows by latest version

Do you know you can actually fix up window problem by updating to the latest version that will suit your device and have the complete features as well.

So, imagine if you are operating on low version wit your computer device and recently you start developing problems. Some applications and other things as well might prompt you to look for a recent update so that you can enjoy all the best features of the windows.

  • Firstly, is to open the download page of the windows 10 in your computer device.
  • Next is to click on the update.
  • If you see an UPDATE ASSISTANT, then save it
  • Ten what you should do next is to update- window 10 upgrade.
  • Make sure to click on the update button and then NEXT.
  • Finally, click on restart to reboot the device.

Fix Up a Windows 10 Update by taking up a simple Tips

The goal here is to try and fix up any issue or problem that your windows might encounter as you try to update your windows.

If after trying the above steps and yet you still finding it difficult, then maybe you should try the  simple tips below.

Here are the simple tips that can go in a long way to help out as well, you just have to try out the steps.

NOTE: once you are done with the steps below then you can begin update download in your computer device.

Reboot your computer

  • First, click on start.
  • Then on power option button.
  • Finally restart the device.

Secure and active wi-fi or internet

  • First again is the start button.
  • Then go for the command prompt button.
  • To check if you have a well active network type the below words.
  • Input this command: ping
  • Then confirm.

Clear space

  • First, click on settings option
  • Tap on system
  • Then storage as well
  • When the local disk appears please click on temporary files.
  • Choose the files you wish to remove and then remove all.

What in summary you Need;

Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters. Next, under Get up and running, select Windows Update > Run the troubleshooter. When the troubleshooter is finished running, it’s a good idea to restart your device. Next, check for new updates.

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