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Common Tips to Fix Airpods for Phone Calls and how to Resolve Them

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The common tips to fix airpods for phone calls will be exhaustively treated inside this post, so if you are on this page, then say goodbye to your airpods issues. If you make use of airpods and your airpods cannot connect with your device or phone to make calls then this post is for you.

I want to treat this topic after receiving comments on how people complain that their airpods sometimes makes them not to feel comfortable during calls.

You know is not everybody that wants to raise their hand up and hold their phones while making calls. The airpods makes it easier because you have to fix the pods in your ear and answer calls conveniently.

Airpods Working Skills

There are many devices produced and I know sometimes any one of them can develop faults, you just have to look for a solution.

However, I know is frustrating and annoying that each time you want to make calls the airpods stops working. They works with other applications but stops working at the incoming calls.

Most times one of the airpods might be functional and the other part will not. You can still fix that issue because you really need the two airpods to be functional.

Therefore, this post will treat more about this but make sure that your airpods are well charged and active as well.

Why not try this? What if the mute or silent voice is from your friend’s side, why not try making other calls with a different number. This will tell you if the fault is really from your airpods or directly from your friend.

The iPhone needs to work with the airpods simultaneously. Therefore you can remove and charge again before checking if the problem will persist.

You can clean airpods like this:

  1. Attempt to clean dirt, apple requires the user to use a clean light, soft clot to clean evenly.
  2. Also you can clean the stains around the airpods body surface with a little wet cloth.
  3. Allow the airpods to dry before putting back to charge again.
  4. Clean the speaker region with care.
  5. You can clean the airpod case and the inside as well.
  6. Do not place any other thing inside the airpod case except the airpod himself.

The Common Tips to Fix Airpods for Phone Calls

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This is probably one of the problems that makes the airpod not to function so well especially when you need them.

The settings just needs to be right and well selected onto the audio output. This can make you know if the airpods will connect effectively.

However, most iPhones and some other devices do not connect immediately with the airpods even when is showing well. Therefore, you have to check your iPhone by selecting the audio output to be handled by the airpods.

This will make the incoming calls to flow simultaneously with the airpods.

NOTE: the best and most important thing to do is to check first if the airpods is rightly connected through the Bluetooth inside the phone. If the airpod is well connected, then it will appear under the bluetooth icon. Do this before aiming for audio device settings.

You can do this by:

  • At the front call screen of the iphone, tap on the audio icon to choose.
  • Then when it displays, you will choose the airpods from the list of audio devices available at that moment.
  • Check also if the airpods is connected with the Bluetooth to match everything.

This is a common but a very important issue that you should not neglect. Most times people complain without first checking the settings before raising alarm.

The device or airpods might be connected but what if the user does not still hear what the other person is talking about.

However, this is just a little issue because even if the airpods connect the iPhone then you should check if the airpod volume is high as well or well shown at its peak.

Therefore, you can try raise the volume of the iPhone.


This is just another good means to help us locate the problem. If the airpods still does not work after trying one or two steps.

The best thing to do is to reset the airpods connection inside the iPhone and then try connecting back later after some minutes.

Therefore, all you need to do is to disconnect the airpod connection and then try pairing back to connect back through the bluetooth again.

However, you might get confuse when trying to do that, but if you see this: forget device then click on it and the bluetooth memory for the device will wipe off.


This might sound strange to the user because of the network. Records have it that it can really help a lot during this problem.

Reset your network will remove all wireless settings and also remove any bluetooth setting that accompany with it.


This is another good reason why your airpods might be developing issues. If your iPhone device is not actually up to date then it can affect the airpods functionality.

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The device iOS needs to be at an update level so try and install the iOS version that will suit your device. This will make your airpods work so good.

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