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First Aid Equipments and their Uses | First Aid Kits and more about taking Care of any Emergency

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This post centers its information guide on: First Aid Equipments and their Uses. I know most of us know what a first aid kit is and most of us might be using the kits at home or at our various work places. What about those that have the first aid kit but do not know more about the various uses of the items inside the box.

First aid kit is a safety handy box that comes along with lots of items that can be used for treatment of mild injuries and wounds.

The first aid kit equipment comes in a handy light box that can easily be transported or moved from one place to another.

Therefore, your safety and health matters and so you must get to know about the little things around you in case if any emergency occurs.

If you should ask me about this first aid kit I will tell you that every household, office and car should have the first aid kit. Accidents can come at any time and you just have to be personally prepared to be able to survive that issue.

However, there are some people that have the first aid kit but the items inside are not complete. What if accidents occurs and the item you really need is not inside that first kid kit.

You can actually buy first aid items individually or in a complete box. So if some kit items got finished, you can actually replace it.

Note: please using these items or equipment is very easy, but you should have a little medical knowledge on how to use them effectively.

Call for Help

The first aid kit offers to the patient the mild treatment and the first treatment especially when the wound is mild.

If the case arises where the wounds is too much and there is complications as well please take the patient to the nearest hospital for proper care and attention.

3 Basic Support from the First Aid kit Equipments

There are basic and important things first aid can offer to its patient immediately on the spot. First Aid Equipment and their Uses:

  • Support breathing.
  • Control bleeding.
  • Perform CPR.

First Aid Equipments and their Uses

So below are the various first aid kits and how the patient can use them


Most appliances and gadgets comes along with a well detailed manual book that tells the user how to use such devices.

However, first aid kit will not be an option as it also comes with a handy book or manual for the patient. So you can study and know the various functions for the each item inside the box.

Therefore the manual tells you more on how to treat wounds, sprains, bites and other mild issues.

The most important thing here is that this guide or manual book should be studied to know how to apply them before crises occurs. Do not wait for the problem to occur before you start studying for them because it can complicate things.


This is one of the tools for treatment in the first aid box. The alcohol swabs are used to clean the patient infected wounds and wounded part before bandages and other things are applied. They can also work along with anesthetic swabs and finally it can be used to sterilize tweezers. See what tweezers function are below.


Does the name sound strange to you? The work of the tool is still on the wound section and the official function of these tool is that can be use to remove dirt, debris, glass etc from the wound.

If a patient is bitten by a bee, tweezers can be used to remove the left swingers on the surface of the wound. It is one of the basic kit item that needs to be part and parcel of the kit box.


Bandages are really important and therefore you have to include them in the box. You can use it to cover surface of wounded part and to strengthen joints etc. any of thee bandages are really good like the Adhevsive bandages or traditional size bandages.


This is definitely not for measurement. Smiles, the medical tape should be use to hold the bandage firmly at the affected area. It is also use to secure gauze pads or wraps as well. It comes in a roll and does not leave dirt behind at the applied part.


These is a good ointment that will help the patient in wound problems. It is use to treat various kinds of conditions and helps a lot during the wound healing process. One of its basic function is to keep away or protect the wound out from infection. You can apply ointment after you have cleaned up the wounded surface.


From the name I guess you already know what it is all about. The pain relievers is the part of what you should not avoid at home and in the first aid kit. They help in body pains, aches etc. Now the pain relievers is simply to reduce and bring down pains all over the body. They comes in form of aspirin and non-aspirin in the fist aid kits. You can also get pain relievers for the kids at home.


This is one of the things that works so well when the patient has a swelling wound, or any part of swelling. It helps to prevent swelling and it comes in a small package that works instantly when open. this is to say that when you open the bag pack, the package will start freezing immediately and gets cold which you can apply to the swelling area. Please do not keep the package inside the refrigerator.


The gauze pad comes like a well shaped pad used to cover wounds or wounded area. There are certain wounds that bandages might not cover completely, you need to apply gauze pads to such areas. It helps to absorb blood and have different sizes.

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