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Effective ways to Boost your Immune System against Coronavirus (covid19) Disease and Protection

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Do you know the effective ways to boost your immune system against coronavirus disease? Have you ever ask yourself how some people who are infected with the virus are able to withstand the deadly effect of the virus.

The world suffers through this pandemic disease especially in the year 2021, nobody knows how their body can react towards this disease, so therefore we sought for preventive measures instead of cure.

Do not wait until you are infected before you can protect or boost your immune system to fight this disease for you.

However, your body is a delicate organ and we must take good care of it to avoid breakdown. You need to boost your immune system to fight more.

The immune system is made up of different cells and chemicals that works constantly to defend the body against bacteria, virus etc.

Coronavirus spreads fast and kills its victims easily, on entering the body it slow down or weak the immune system and finally attacking the victim.

Immune system is designed to fight away sickness and diseases, you must keep it alive and charged up so as to be fit.

My advice: try to observe preventive measures like social distancing, wearing of nose mask and washing your hands regularly.

Do not wait to be covid19 patient before you start looking for ways to cure yourself. know the Effective ways to Boost your Immune System against Coronavirus .

Below are the different ways you can boost your immune system against the deadly disease.

Effective ways to Boost your Immune System against Coronavirus

I will write and explain a few steps, try to read up carefully.

Necessary and adequate sleep

I guess you already know what sleep is but sometimes we neglect the need to sleep. The body needs a good sleep to improve the immune system.

Stress is the factor that can really make your body feel down and tired, so you should give in to your body when you feel tired.

Some people refuse to sleep and take coffee to stay awake all time, this is not good and so we must try to give the body sleep especially when it needs it.

Therefore, when it comes to complete health, sleep happens to do the work in general health. Lack of sleep can hampers the brain activity.

Perform exercise but do not overdue it

Yes this can do the work to your immune system. You actually need to exercise yourself sometimes to make your body fit and ready.

However, the exercise does not need to be too much to avoid the total breakdown of the body or joints all over the body. The body needs low stress and good rest to pop out so well.

You can get a gym instructor to help you through the exercise routine, remember no strenuous activity.

Stress activity: why not bring down the stress activity

If you started reading this post from the beginning then you will actually agree with me that your body does not need stress.

During stress the releases hormones that affects the immune system. Therefore bring down the stress to have a good health.

Try to calm down, even when you are working you need a little break and take water to calm down most times.

  • If you are always on the speed lane working all day, this is not what the body needs right now. Sometimes you need to take a sleep to reset the body system.
  • Some people like to practice meditation as an effective means to bring down stress. Too much stress can release the cortisol hormone which can really make the body open to various infections within the surroundings or environment. Meditation is just the best way to calm down your nerves when it comes to stress.

Stop smoking and stop taking too much alcoholic drinks

This is more deadly than we think. So many people across the world still make this their daily routine (smoking and taking alcoholic drinks). do not take too much of alcohols, it affects the body as well in excess.

Smoking kills and very much deadly to our lungs but it seems like the rate or percentage of smokers across the world increases day by day.

constant smoking increases the rate of infection to your body and however makes the body weak to those infections to eat more deep.

Smoking destroys the cells surrounding the respiratory tract and weakens the lung as well. Coronavirus affects you through the respiratory tract, so what happens if yours is already broken down. That will be an easy access for it.

The body needs more water

This is what I have been practicing until today. Taking up to 8-10 glass of water a day will definitely help your body and cause your immune system to charge up.

Water washes out more deadly toxins from the body and reduces the infection rate through flu.

Supplements to boost the immune system

  • VITAMIN C- this is one of the vitamins that can actually help the body for safe protection. The VitaminΒ  gives the body nice support and activates the immune cells thereby keeping the system healthy.

Vitamin c acts as an antioxidant and protects the body against much stress and free radicals. They also go further in helping with respiratory tract infections and breakdown.

It is also very good for stress reduction, studies show that a regular intake of vitamin c reduces common cold. Helps in respiratory problems and also helps prevents infections.

  • ZINC- this is a mineral supplement present in the white blood cell of the body. Zinc helps in the infection level fighting against infection, and also some common sickness like flu, cold etc.

However, you do not need too much of zinc in your body. Just a little amount (40mg) is okay. Zinc is added to lozenge mineral to help boost the immune system. It also helps in respiratory tract problem.

  • TUMERIC- this helps to improve the immune system of the body. They can act both as spicy for food and immune booster as well.

It is termed curcumin and widely use in India and other Asian countries.


This is just a herb with nice flavor as well. It has antibacterial and antiviral effects. Very good at preventing cold in the body. Boost immune system and helps in respiratory tract.

  • VITAMIN D- it acts as both a hormone and vitamins. Helps in respiratory tract, boost immune system.

The body makes natural vitamin through the exposed early morning sunlight. Do not stay in the sun for long to avoid sunburn.

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