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Don’t Make Stress a Tool for Creating Decisions | why You should not Make Decisions Under Stressful Condition

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Fact of life: don’t make stress a tool for creating decisions in your life. Have you ever wondered why some decisions fail? do you always know why some people mention that word regret? Again, have you ever sat down and make a decision under stress, duress, anxiety or depression and compare decisions you make with the one on a free time and relaxation period?

Life is a teacher and life has a lot to teach us but the problem there is if you are willing to learn and know when to make a move.

Therefore seeing this article get’s to what we can narrow down to decision making. Every human being makes a decision so far they breathe. You can make a very strategic decision or a wake and failed decision. Either way is from a source and from a certain mood.

However, most decisions involve strategic reasoning before taking action while some are just easy and simple.

The Mind and Stress

Firstly, we must know that it is very good and relaxing when you notice that the decision you made turn out so well.

I know the mind and the brain must articulate to be able to make a correct reasoning, however the mood changes the situation.

The decisions made out of stress may not come out fine because the mind and brain are in a different mood. In addition to that making decision does not depend on age, skill or talent rather it is practiced by both young and old.

Sometimes we may not consider the things around us when making decisions and we may only think of one particular thing.

Every decision you make, must have to be well checked for future success and a good backup when it fails out.

However, we should consider things around us before taking a step far into things we may not know before making a decision.

Therefore it is better you look for a good way to come out of stress before making a decision because it might affect the end result.

A student who choose to follow the mother’s footstep as a lawyer by taking up art classes when he knows fully well that he is very good in science might turn out to regret it someday.

So let us go in-depth on not making decisions under stress through this article, if you are with me then let us read more.

Stress/anxiety/depression (Don’t Make Stress a Tool for Creating Decisions)

I have to group this three together because I realized they are the highest set back or challenges one face during decision taking.

What does this anxiety and depression do? Creating or Making a decision is part of out lives no matter how small or big the decision is.

These three above factors allows you make decisions but without a full concentration in making those decisions.

Therefore, they slow the brain’s active power or capability to make those decisions and consequently leading to mistakes at random times.

Scientifically, according to the journal of neuroscience; it explains that anxiety disrupts the PFC of the brain in making good decisions. PFC is the (Pre-frontal cortex), a part of the brain for making decisions.

Furthermore, bad decisions can make you regret and reason some things that might happen if you take the other way.

However, I must tell you that nobody is actually perfect and sometimes we just find ourselves in the regretful situation but we just need to look for more alternative answers.

This regretful situation is what can really bring down your spirit and cause more depression, it will be best to overcome it.

Guide on Don’t Make Stress a Tool for Creating Decisions

Let’s take the few steps below; it will help us to stay, focus, calm and relaxed before taking decisions. Remember Don’t Make Stress a Tool for Creating Decisions.

  • Be self-conscious and make your brain to be conscious.
  • The stress source and build up.
  • Calm down and take things slowly.
  • Be positive.
  • Make a decision and then get prepared for it.

1. Be self-conscious and make your brain to be conscious

firstly, there is no doubt that when the brain is conscious and in relaxed form, it will dish out many good reasons. What we are targeting for is just a good decision making.

Therefore, if you are mindful of yourself and the brain being okay, then the pre-frontal cortex will not be affected. Distractions seems to be one of the things that makes us fall out into making decisions.

In addition to that, the body’s full state of mind gets you more focused especially when creating relevant decisions.

2. The stress source and build up

This sub topic explains it all, all the stress must have build up from somewhere, something must have prompt that change of mood.

There are certain decisions we make under stress that are not supposed to, this stressful conditions might come from work or business. Some might be from little arguments, long hours in meetings, not meeting up with targets etc

They can all affect your emotions and as such depresses you ability to make important decisions in your life because of the distractions.

3. Calm down and take things slowly

This is what I mean by relaxing your brain and mind. If you are are in a tensed mood, you will not thing straight rather you just need to calm down.

I know this might not be easy after some frustrations at work or business and then you come back home with that stress.

All you need is to take a cold bath, relax yourself and then try to remove your mind from all those frustrations. Take your mind to what is actually happening to you currently.

Let that present state take a move and remove every emotions that does not concern that, so that you will focus.

4. Be positive (Don’t Make Stress a Tool for Creating Decisions)

The way you present your mind to always stay positive can actually help in that situation. We all know that making decisions is not going to be easy.

However, you have to stay positive, good mindset and feel relaxed, this three elements combined can go along way.

Therefore, it is important that you do not rush and act so fast in taking making decisions. once you are anxious it can be a problem, also being over excited can be another bad challenge for you.

You need a relaxed frame of mind so that you can consider both advantages and disadvantages before heading for that decision.

Finally, act as if every situation is okay even when they are not, that is why your positive mindset will not be broken.

5. Make a decision and then get prepared for it

No one is perfect like they say, life is full of so many challenges and no one sees tomorrow exactly the way it is.

All I want to say is that we can create decisions and tend it turns out that it was the wrong one. The question is what do you do in that situation?

This is why some people feel depress especially when they see themselves in such condition, they will always think of it.

It is not right to be so regretful about a particular situation, if it happens that way, then you try looking for another way out. otherwise you will be totally feel depress and worn out.

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Therefore, any decision you make, act towards it and encourage yourself, do things within you reach to see it moving forward.

What is Stress?

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. You can do better and have full control of yourself at all moment in life.

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