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BTCs mining, Value and Withdrawal

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BTCs mining is not BTC mining. Rather when you’re mining the BTCs, you’re rewarded with BTC (through giveaways, mining rewards, and referral bonuses)BTCs mining, Value, and Withdrawal

BTCs mining, Value, and Withdrawal

BTCs value is zero (0) and you can’t transfer or withdraw it yet. But BTC you got can be transferred (among your friends/colleagues mining BTCs) or you can withdraw it to any crypto wallet/exchange wallet (minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC)

If you have not started mining BTCs, please start today. From indications, the project is heading to a successful site. No hype intended. Just facts from what I’ve witnessed on its mobile app and read on the WhitePaper.

Note that, every crypto project has a problem statement and proffered solution (this is stated in its WhitePaper)

Calmly read the BTCs WhitePaper. Also, follow up on on-screen instructions and explore the app. I’m still learning many things on the app. Cryptocurrency isn’t a get-rich-quick business; takes time to be learning more daily on the market because it’s massively versatile.

BTCs aren’t Bitcoin (BTC) but Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs). BTC has 21M TotalSupply while BTCs have 2.1Bn TotalSupply with over 20M participants globally. Free registration & mining (with or without referral)

Steps to Join/Register on BTCs Satoshi:

Click on the registration link to register & verify your identity immediately using NIN digits or PVC digits, and start mining.

Registration link 👇

How to register Satoshi BTCs mining

PS: After registration, verify your identity to be able to start mining & be receiving your BTC rewards daily. You can join the Satoshi BTCs mining WhatsApp group for clarification.

How To Activate Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs) Mining

On Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs), you can Mine over 10 BTCs monthly, but after the halving process, you may not be able to mine up to 5 BTCs in a month. Fairly distributed.

BTCs Satoshi Mining is still a project in Testnet striving to build a crypto project that’ll serve as a second Bitcoin. This is another reason they reward miners with BTC – 0.0002 is the minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin on the BTCs Satoshi app.

We ain’t mining BTC, rather we are rewarded with BTC (as incentives) for mining BTCs. If you missed BTC in the year 2009, do not miss BTCs this year because, from every necessary indication, the project is heading to a successful site too.

Satoshi BTCs has a well-defined WhitePaper and they stated the TotalSupply (2.1Bn). No room for fake accounts – all users must pass KYC (Identity Verification) upon registration before starting mining BTCs.

Here’s the response from another miner regarding the Value of BTCs as stated on the WhitePaper;

BTCs is a mystery, there are certain sentences in the project’s white paper that requires one’s in-depth reasoning to understand.

The first of its kind is that “BTCs will be equal to ETH in value and functionality. This statement has left many people perplexed but I have come to understand it better.

By functionality, BTCs are the fuel for performing transactions on BTCs blockchain. You pay the gas fee using BTCs for whatever task u perform. Still, in functionality, BTCs have about 12 utilities ranging from NFT, Bank, DAO, Defi, Oracle, Copyright, Stablecoin, pay, fund, Metaverse, DEX to Swap.

Now coming to a value being equal to ETH, BTCs uses the same unit converter with ETH. 1 BTCs is equivalent to 10^-18Wei which is equivalent to 1 ETH.

If the BTCs gas fee will be as high as the ETH gas fee as it is in the Testnet now. That means 1 BTCs will be close to 1 ETH in price and may surpass it in years because ETH is moving to PoS to achieve scalability while BTCs use PoW to achieve scalability which is a major problem for BTC.

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