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Best Paid Email Service Providers To Secure Online Application

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Once you have the Full Control of your Email, you can Make your Online Application very secure like Job, visa, Scholarships and other Form of Online Application. That’s why we have the best Paid Email Service Providers below.

Best Paid Email Service Providers: MailGet Bolt. MailGet Bolt – another email service Provider Company. … MailGet. The slogan of MailGet says “Affordable & Easy Marketing”, – and that’s a very clear reflection of MailGet essence.
  • SendinBlue.
  • GetResponse.
  • MooSend.
  • Sendloop.
  • ConstantContact.
  • AWeber.

Top 5 Best Paid Email Service Providers

Emails are the fastest medium of communication in today’s era. And, when it comes to reaching customers and potential leads, nothing could be a better option other than communicating through emails.
Isn’t It.!!

Nowadays various email service providers have raised up which are rendering excellent platform for doing email marketing. But seeking for an affordable and best email service provider is like a wild-goose chase.
So to assist you,

I am providing a list of Top 5 Best Paid Email Service Providers that provide ease in communicating with clients and that too at very cheap rates. Let’s Begin… on the list of Best Paid Email Service Provider(s) 2021 …

MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt – another email service Provider Company. It was founded back in 2007, and it’s one of the most efficient mailing software providers. With MailGet Bolt you can send thousands of emails simply, as you would send only one.
The software provides you some handy features like simple sign-up forms is strong asset for your visitors, they don’t need to waste time to complete long forms. One of the main distinctive features is clear statistics instrument. You can see in the dashboard how many people had opened your message, who clicked on it, where and when it was done and much more.

Pricing – 

MailGet Bolt provides free 30-days trial period for 9000 mails. It’s monthly plans starting from $42 for 0-10,000 mail, up to $369 for 1,00,000 mails in a month.


According to reviews, SendinBlue is the most youthful, attractive and easy-to-use email marketing service. This software meant for very stylish email marketing campaigns.
It gives you possibility to deliver emails to large auditory in just a couple of clicks. The main point is that it provides the possibility to deliver dynamic contents, which permits to deliver unique content to each subscriber, making it ultimately personalized.
Moreover, you can create attractive mails through drag and drop tool, or through coding your own HTML mail template. Lightbox sign-up forms are stylish complement for any page, especially, if they are simple to fill-in. It gives you unlimited options to group your contacts.

Pricing – 

Monthly plans are quite large, smallest one consists of 10,000 contacts and costs INR 443.65/month. Also, you can pick up enlargements like BRONZE, SILVER, each gives you larger possibilities for your mailing campaigns. Well, it`s quite expensive provider, if you are not using email marketing on large scale.


MooSend provides very useful and simple tools for Email Marketing. Import your contacts either form excel CSV file, or from local storage, or even from cloud storage.
Variety of templates and huge variety of sign-up forms is a mandatory toolset for such platforms. The distinctive feature is the spam test. It’s about testing your mail with the spam filters, thus your message wouldn’t arrive directly in junk folder. Use inbox preview to adjust your message.
Most of all, MooSend provides smart statistics, it’s not analyzing only how many emails reached the target, but also you get information about devices used to open your messages. Real-time statistics is a strong asset, because you get a whole panorama of mailing campaign efficiency.

Pricing –

The price tag starts from $25 for up to 5000 subscribers. If you are an occasional sender, then you can select the best matching plan for you worth just $1. Good news for startups, MooSend gives you a 6-month free trial period.


Constant-Contact is another great email marketing platform that focused on simplicity and usability.
This is the most automated system, designed for those, who are not very experienced in email marketing domain, just import your contacts from excel file, or from any other storage, and the rest Constant Contact will do.
Auto-responder is the quite common tool, which is sending to your customers anniversary mails, welcome cards, and so on. It also provides scheduled mailings, just add new customers to the list, and they will receive your letters in certain time.

Pricing – 

This platform gives to its customers 60-days trial period! Moreover, you have a variety of special discounts and 30-day guaranteed money back. The smallest plan is $20 monthly. With this price, you get full access to all features and unlimited mails, but without advanced features.


Bronto is another well-known email marketing tool for delivering your mail to the customers with a high precision rate and in the best matching time.
It has very user-friendly interface with smart designed report and analysis dashboard. Very interesting feature, provided by this platform, is Lifecycle Marketing. This is the tool, which permits to turn your cart abandoners and one-time buyers into repeat customers.
This tool works like reminder for cart abandoners (just like on and permits to drive post-purchase campaigns, as well as handling VIP and Loyalty programs. In a long-term perspective, this tool can be used for revising selling strategy, or your page user interface.

Pricing – 

How much will you pay for this? Pricing at Bronto is a little different from other platforms. It doesn`t offer monthly plans, instead of this you are buying a one-year subscription with $995, this includes up to 60.000 emails for one year. Levels are adjustable.


Well, now you have a brief idea of Top 5 best paid email service providers, so select one that matches your need and start sending emails to your customers and provide an online presence to your business.
Meanwhile, we still have more to Take about like

  1. Benefits of Using these emails
  2. Requirements to Create an Account
  3. How to Create an Account
  4. About Google free Account aka Gmail

Benefits of Using Paid Email service providers

You should Know that even if there are still legit list of Free email service providers which are secure like the paid once, there are still lot of things you can Benefits from using a Paid email provider which are:

  • – You are not organized or professional enough to get a domain name for your company.
  • – The email you send is coming from your personal email account and not your business.
  • – You are not concerned with their privacy.
  • – You do not have a domain name, are you serious about your business.

Better Customer Service

With a hosted service you will most likely get a great level of support from your hosting company. I’m sure you have never tried to get on the phone with Google for issues with your Gmail? With a company like GP Hosting, you get to deal with real people when you need assistance.

More Control Over your Email

More than one email user in your business? Managing all email accounts for users in your business. Create, delete, update passwords, set mailbox size limits, this can be managed via our easy to use control panels.

Your Email is less likely to be mistaken for SPAM.

With most Spammers typically using free email accounts to send out SPAM these days, most SPAM filters treat free email services more harshly. Reason is that is easier for them to do so cause it does not cost anything.
However, Email Users today a kind of make it sound hard in the term of Creating a secure email and steps you need to do so. Having these in mind we provide the basic steps and requirements you need to get along with creating and email Account from any Email Services Provider.

The Basic Requirements to Create an Email Account ID

Note that the basic requirements to create any email address are all most the same and below are the list of Things you need…

  1. You Full Legal name
  2. Country or State of Origin
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Mobile Number for Account recovery
  5. Alternative email account
  6. Domain name for paid mail
  7. Occupation

Steps to Create an Email Account

Once you ready to start you online Mail Account registration, here are the best you can Follow to make a Successful and secure Application:

  1. Visit the Email Provider Official Portal
  2. Select the Plan you want like Paid or Free
  3. Select the Type you want like Business or Personal
  4. Fill the registration Form as it Appears on the Page
  5. Review The Application form again before you Click to Submit

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The Gmail

Gmail AKA Google Mail or Google Email Account is save and Secure and more you will gain is that Google email Provider is free just like QQ Mail, Yandex mail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft mail (Outlook, Hotmail) … and you can Create this main in 2 minutes from

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