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Bellhops ($3000) Scholarship Program: The Moving Forward Bellhops Scholarship for all Scholars across the Globe

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The bellhops ($3000) scholarship program offers funds and financial aid in supporting college school students during their course of study program. The scholarship is for countries or nationalities across the globe. Why not register for the scholarship today?

This post gives you a little description on the scholarship and the benefits you stand to gain as the winner of such scholarship.

Therefore, in a nutshell, let me break down the scholarship so that we can tag along.

Scholarship award: a $3,000 award

Country eligible: All countries

Scholarship: Bellhops moving forward scholarship

Application status: Online application through official website

College or university: An accredited institution

Student level: Undergraduate

Deadline: September 15, 2021

More about Bellhops ($3000) Scholarship Program

The bellhops is a support guide to those that uses the scholarship because students can easily use the funds for their studies.

They stretch out to provide financial aid to college students out there knowing fully well that they can be among their workforce.

Therefore, from the name, moving forward, this shows how they actually wants students to move forward with their studies.

The basic requirements is for students who apply for this scholarship to come from an accredited institution.

The scholarship (bellhops) is rightfully based in the U.S and handled by one of the fastest growing company in the states.

The company solely wants to impact in the life of the youth and change more lives. Students should make sure that they follow instructions very well before applying.

The scholarship students are expected to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 every year during their study program in their institution.

Finally, online application must be correctly filled and right information provided for ease of reference on the go.

Contact Details for more Bellhops Info

Please, the below information are official information of the company but readers and students are not advised to make such contact unless necessary and this post does not encourage any form of violation or sharing of invalid information that will mislead viewers. Please readers should take note.

Bellhops Inc.

Bellhops Inc.

1100 Market Street

Suite 502

Chattanooga, TN37402

United States

Bellhops Scholarship Benefits

I guess you are all waiting for the benefits and things you can achieve as a member or winner of the scholarship. Well there are few of them and below are the benefits:

  • The holders of these scholarship must be able to present the proof of enrollment for the semester each.
  • They winner receives his/her award through the account they provided during registration.
  • The bellhops scholarship offers a huge reward of $3,000 each semester to the winners of her scholarship campaign.
  • Winners of the scholarship will be notified through the Email.
  • If you still need more information, please visit (

Bellhops Services

The bellhops is an American moving company, that is handled by Cam Doody and Stephen Vlahos. They make their growing scales within the country.

In addition to that, services have grown across 28 cities cross the states and they keep on powering as time goes on.

Just like I mention before, the company just wants to give back to its college students with the scholarship offer. This is because college students are the bedrock of part of their fast growth.

Selection Procedure for Bellhops ($3000) Scholarship Program

Below are the few criteria for the scholarship:

  • The candidates that secures the scholarship will be offered awards in any course of their study.
  • Applicants from any part of the world are also allowed to apply for this scholarship.
  • Also, scholars must be enrolled in a known or accredited institution.
  • Candidates applying for this scholarship must be above 16 years to be eligible.
  • Also, candidate should try and present a letter from their various institution.
  • Application is just once and candidates should apply on time before deadline as well.
  • The staffs of the bellhops or workers and their children are not allowed to apply for the scholarship.
  • Finally, candidate can be a first year student and enroll for the scholarship or have plans of securing the admission and then enroll as well for the scholarship.

How can Students Apply for Bellhops ($3000) Scholarship Program

  • Candidates must write and present an essay with 1,000-1,250 word counts well written in English explaining the student course of choice and the achievements they plan to make such course program.
  • Application forms for the scholarship is online and students should visit the official website.
  • Candidates must have a 3.0 GPA result to qualify from their institution.
  • The whole applicants from all over the world should have proficiency certificate in English.
  • Applicants should present a clear passport, and high school transcript.
  • Finally, All application should be submitted at this official website:

NOTE: Detroithiphop website does not have affiliation with this scholarship board or company and does not take part in the selection of the scholarship. Please remember that Detroithiphop does not encourage any specific website neither responsible for the content on the various websites. We are simply providing these information as a courtesy to you.

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