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Applying For USA Visa Best Tips and Guideline You Need

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Foreign nationals wishing to travel to the United States for tourism, holidays, events, sports, business conventions, visiting family and friends, or any short-term visit like medical treatment need to get a visa. For most people visiting the USA, a B2/B1 visitor visa is compulsory. This visa category is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreigners to enter the US for short durations.

Best Tips To Applying For USA Visa

As with any legal or immigration application, most people want to know the chances of getting a visa to the US beforehand. While there is no guarantee that you will be granted a visa, there are a few things you could do in advance, like get your documentation ready. To help with documentation, legalities, paperwork, forms, and other critical aspects, you should contact IAS Services USA and get all the necessary information.

Most tourist visas (B2/B1) to the US are rejected based on proof of ties to your home country. The US Embassy always wants to ensure that you are not applying for a tourist visa to immigrate to the US and not return. You must provide convincing proof of ties that you will return to your home country after your short trip to the USA.

This post does not guarantee that you will get your visa, but we will help you with tips for documents, proof of ties to your home country, and financial proof, so you stand a better chance at getting your visa.

How to gain full Study Visa Online Approval

Meanwhile, there are lots of steps and Guidelines which you should note today;

Make use of single profile –

What do you think of this? … The best way you can make claims to your award is only when you have the full documentation and once there is a duplication of your Application you will disqualify immediately.

So the best thing you have to do is to make your a single registration with this program.

Read the instructions carefully –

How best did you understand the instructions given for this Application? If in any way you don’t get them clear, do contact the admin to help you better via email or better still make use of the contact box below the page and make sure you get a response before Application.

Ask questions on anywhere you are confused –

Just as you read above make your request for better understanding and guide to gain easy and secure approval its all free.

Chat up the main portal for clarifications –

On the next steps do make a check on your Account for messages and other inbox mail for a Greater Good.

Make use of your legal details –

How legal are your details? that shows even if you are registering for yourself or someone else, you need to make use of the correct details for an easy claim of the award.

Double Check your Application before Submission –

Review your Application before final submission to make sure you are not making some silly mistakes like spellings and disarrangement of words etc.

Capitalize your details if on the instructions –

Follow the instructions carefully and do whatever is needed of you.

Join the free email subscribers –

Every online sponsorship or registration or instruction portal does have free email subscribers and you should do well by joining them for notifications on the latest updates.

Follow up the promo and notifications –

No Notification is useless you can in many ways make use of the notification for better Good. that’s why you have to read them carefully to understand what’s in for you as an applicant.

Check out your email for more instructions –

Are you done with the submission? you should have an email in your inbox notifying you that you have submitted your Application and its waiting for approval. Go read it and get more details on the next step(s).

Let us look at tips for applying for USA Visa.

Below is the detailed explanation of what you need to Do when Applying For a USA Visa and with the full instructions well taken, you will likely gain approval from the Official Sponsorship Approval Portal on the go. Do ask Your Questions Today:

Apply Early:

As with any visa, the USA Embassy or Consulate takes time in reviewing all applications. Remember, along with you, countless others will make the same application and provide similar paperwork.

It is best to submit your application early to avoid last-minute errors in documentation.

You also need time on hand to fill out all the various points in the application form. This process may take time, and you may miss out on a few and submit an incomplete application.

If you are submitting an application for a visa for the first time, you should check the application times on the US Visa site and plan your application date and travel dates accordingly.

We suggest applying four months in advance of your travel dates. Leaving things last minute could be detrimental to your visa application.


All applicants are required to submit the necessary documents for the visa application. Since we are looking at tourist visa category B2/B1, here are the required documents:

  • Passports (current and previously held)
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page
  • Deposit Receipts
  • Confirmation of Appointment
  • Photographs (according to specification)
  • Employment Certificate (with all details of work, salary, duration, and so on)
  • Income Tax Documents
  • Proof of Funds
  • Sample Itinerary/ Ticket Bookings/ Hotel Bookings
  • Past Travel History (all countries)
  • Proof Of Ties To Home Country
  • Proof of ties is perhaps the most critical of all documents and evidence. You must provide satisfactory evidence of links to your home country.

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Let us look at this in detail.


Employment or having a job does not guarantee that you will not search for another job in the US.

Immigration officers will need to see an Employment Certificate or Contract stating all the critical facts about your work like salary, date of joining, leave certification, and so on. This evidence should be provided since it will remain as a reference for the visa officer.

Property and Personal Assets:

Most individuals do not leave their home countries if they have considerable assets that require their presence.

Significant investments, diversified funds, properties, and other financial assets can work as excellent proof of ties to the home country and could work in your favor.

Family Obligation:

Family obligations would be senior citizens who depend on you, small children, dependent spouses, and so on. People who are primary caregivers can also show this as a family obligation to an ailing relative.

Children in schools also count as a family obligation; medical conditions of dependents are also proof of ties.

Supporting letters from other family members stating that they will look after your dependents for the duration you are traveling also work as compelling proof of ties.

Travel History:

If you have left your home country for Tourism in the past and have returned in the prescribed duration without extending your trip, you could establish trust in the mind of the Visa officer. Most immigration officers prefer people who have shown that they return to their home country after each holiday or visit.

Always remember, if you show more documentation that shows your ties to your home country, there is a higher possibility of you getting a US Visa quickly.

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