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Amazing Secret Features of Chrome Browser – Unknown By Users like You

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Yes I am very pleased to introduce to us the most amazing secret features of chrome browser that we do not know about or we thought do not exist in our chrome browser. We all know chrome and its outstanding performance when it comes to browsing our favorite websites. There are lots of key features waiting for us to explore.

Therefore, this post will guide and give details of the various chrome features which I think you should try out right now as you read up.

Among several browsers available, Google chrome seems to be the best among all because of its beautiful interface. Google chrome has a well polished UI, is clean, stable and versatile as well.

I know you will be wondering what makes the chrome a special browser or the most used in the world by people.

There are more and more to learn about the chrome browser, I have tried many of the features and it works amazingly in it.

Below are few factors of the Amazing Secret Features of Chrome Browser .

Factors of Chrome Browser

  • Stable
  • UI (user interface)
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Speed of browser
  • Good in-built features

Frequent Questions on the Features of Chrome asked by people

Below are the few questions about Amazing Secret Features of Chrome Browser

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The Amazing Secret Features of Chrome Browser

Now let’s get down to the features of the chrome browser


Do you know that the chrome browser actually keeps or stores the history for every activity or websites you at the moment?

Are you aware that that it will be easy for you to locate such history for reference or delete them if you do not want people to know about it.

Therefore, if you want to clean the browser history all you need to do is to locate the 3 dots at the top right corner of the browser. Tap on it, select more tools then clear or delete the browsing data.

You can actually select some things you want to delete in the history if you do not want to clear the whole history.

Then if you are using a MAC device follow this: press (shift>command>delete).


Have you heard of the omnibox search? Yes, google chrome offers you the opportunity to use the omnibox search to go deeply into any different sites without even visiting the sites directly.

So how do you do this? As long as you have the website in your search engine before, then you can do this using the omnibox.

Some people use this omnibox if they do not want to search directly with google or Wikipedia front page.

Therefore to carry this out, you have have to go to settings, search engines, then tap on manage search engines, there you can set your default search engine to the one you want.


This is very easy and simple and you can actually set it up right away. If you really do not want chrome to store or show your browsing history then you go incognito.

I call this incognito mode a “ghost mode”, because you can actually be doing something there and after you are done nobody seems to find the history of things you did.

To open the incognito mood just look at the top right corner of your chrome browser and click on the 3 dots, look at the options then select new incognito window for computer device.

On mobile (Android) chrome browser you can tap on the 3 dots icon on top right or on (iOS) chrome browser you tap on 3 dots at bottom right corner. Then select New incognito window. In Mac device type: Type ⌘ + Shift + N


Now, this is a feature some people also enjoy when I hear them talk about it. If you are a YouTube lover and you really want to take charge of things the way you want it, chrome offers you that opportunity to do so.

Therefore, no matter the present tab you log in with your chrome, so far is in the chrome browser you can control the YouTube.

Now if you are playing a YouTube video, the chrome browser menu will show a music note icon. You should click on it to see the video playing, there you can control the playback or front from the pop up or click the video’s title to force YouTube access.


I also want to tell you that the chrome browser can actually print your web page without any other software. So all you need to print out is just control>P. the desired page you are into takes the print out shape then you can decide what you want.

Normally, when you press control+p, these options pop up: save webpage into PDF file format, convert webpage to Microsoft Document, send to one Note, fax. So you select the options you need.


I know most of us knows what the task manager is all about. You can actually be on check of what you do with your computer.

Therefore, I guess you know that if you press shift+escape, the task manager of your google chrome pops out.

Well, one of the best reason why you should see your google task is that it shows you which apps that has consumed more memory and the ones that consumes less.

so you can now clean your tab memory by clicking on tab and then end process.


This is a good feature for you if you actually do not want to lose the information on the tab you are working with.

You can pin a tab that you want by right clicking on it and then you select pin. Do you know what will happen? Once you do that, the pin tab turn to a small icon and will be on left side, it will remain there even if you close or open the window again.


This is another good feature if you do not wan to waste much time. I know your device has the image or media file, so you can quickly drag it into chrome and the browser will show you the image or video or music.


This is another good feature for you to actually get to know where you download some files and where they are stored. You can locate where you download such files.

You do this by: go to settings>Advanced>Downloads> then click change under location. However, in the pop up box you can as well set places you want files to be saved in folder.


This is actually for safe guarding some information you are working with. What do I mean? If a friend needs the computer at a moment you can actually give him your device but what if you are currently working on something important.

Well, you should not worry, all you need to do is to create a guess mode tab for the person and this does not affect your current work. When he/she is done then you can delete the tab.

You create a guest mode tab by: clicking on 3 dots icon on top right corner and then click guest. A new window will display.

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