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Core Mining Free (2Bitcoin)

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Do you want to make income in the year 2022 and beyond? Is your smartphone making you any money? If not so, then this is for you. CORE MINING (2nd Bitcoin cryptocurrency is here for everybody for free! The CORE is the primary encrypted fuel within the Satoshi public chain to pay transaction fees. The function and value are equivalent to Ethereum’s ETH. The CORE is from the technology of the public chain, BTC +Satoshi = CORE. CORE community is implementing a culture of consensus, co-creation, and sharing. In the future, Satoshi ecological project will offer free CORE project token airdrops so that CORE has both the growth value of the Satoshi public chain and the value of ecological prosperity.


Satoshi CORE Mining Free! (2nd Bitcoin)

CORE Mining a total of 2.1 billion CORE are issued which can be obtained through two mining methods. The CORE was obtained through Satoshi APP mining in the early stage, and the CORE can be obtained through on-chain decentralized node mining in the later stage.
After more than three years of research and development, the project has completed all technical modules, and the final assembly, optimization, and debugging are in progress. Satoshi TestNet went online in April 1, 2022. MainNet will be launched in the third quarter of 2022. The technical white paper will be released in the operating mechanism of the entire Satoshi public chain and the Satoshi+ consensus algorithm.
Use the link below!
Steps to take:
-Email & Verification Email
πŸ‘‰Download the app from the Google play store.
– Enter your Email and Password
DON’T FORGET” ‼️ After you log in, it’s still not finished yet, you need to do “KYC Verification” first before you can start mining.
How to verify?
πŸ‘‰Verify your account (Real-name Authentication)
– Provide Authentication Name
– Passport, National ID, or License Number
– Along with the face Verification
# Wink
# Rise your head slowly.
# Down your head slowly.
# Left site your head in slowly.
# Right site your head in slowly.
# Open your mouth and close your mouth.
πŸ‘‰After verification
– Click start mining! NOTE:
Mining system :
Every 10 minutes 1 block, it can only save up to 150 blocks, so you need to receive it always. Also, use this link to register
NOTE: You must complete your “KYC” verification before you can start mining CORE.
For more information join WhatsApp groups Here to increase your mining speed (my hash)
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